Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One day at a time...

There's so much going on right now that I feel I can't mentally put two comprehensive sentences together.  That was {possibly} one... 
So, I'll stop while I'm ahead.  ;)

  • Thoughts of moving.  Once again, as soon as I get my hands on some boxes, I'll be going through every. single. knick. knack.  What to keep?  What to put into storage until we get our own place?  When will we have our own place?  Should we have another garage sale?  What can we help Granny with to prepare for our temporary merger in 3 1/2 months?!   Selling the house.  How hard will it be to sell if we take our appliances?  Must collect newspaper.  
  • Researching homeschool laws in a new state.  I will miss Texas for many reasons. 
  • Staying focused on finishing up the school year.  This eats up most of my time... except for today.  Staying focused is hard.  One day at a time.
  • I need to finish painting before we list our house.  HGTV has taught me not to leave unfinished projects.  {At least the new owners will get to enjoy what I've wanted accomplished the 4 yrs we've lived here.}
  • Making a list of everything we want to do here in Texas before we move... and finding time {and funds in some cases} to accomplish said list.
  • Trying to make time for friends and create as many memories as possible.
  • Joining a new homeschool group.
  • Did I mention we are moving?
  • Staying on top of housework.  Such a small sentence for such a monumental task.
  • Finding Bella a new home and keeping Bella and Jasmine from rough-housing in the meantime.  I caught Jasmine {yes, the 50 lb dog} on my dining room table today!!  I suppose that's what happens when your dog is forced to play with a cat.  The dog thinks she's a cat.  {This will not happen in your house, Granny!  Promise.  You know she is always well-behaved in your home, right?} ;)  With the cat gone, Jasmine will think she's human again, not cat.  That said, we're going to miss Bella. {Jasmine is now snoring while I'm typing this.  'Ruff' life.}
  • Tending to a swinging pendulum of emotion with a house full of girls.  Seemingly unexplained tears.  Moving is not on the surface of each conversation... yet it is. 
  • Trying my best to continue my gym workouts in the midst of it all.  Did I mention that we just switched gym memberships before news of the impending move?   The new gym has better equipment, but I miss the coffee drinkers.  Although... I must say, the new gym provided entertainment when the boy next to me started to run on his treadmill, dropped his cell phone, tried to get it... and fell.  It looked like something straight from an America's Funniest Home Videos reel.  I didn't laugh.  He was fine... well, maybe not his pride.  ;)  Maybe he should do his running sprints like I do... elliptical style!  Hehe...
  • Watching glimpses of the Winter Olympics and realizing that my workouts need to be more intense.  Maybe a personal trainer to kick me in the rear encourage me.  Olympians make me want to adopt a vigorous outdoor activity... but it wouldn't be fun by myself.  Cross-country skiing uphill = impressive.
  • I am running... the mom-taxi, that is.  Dance lessons and scouts are going to run right up until our move... which is why we circled June as the moving date. 
  • What should this year's photo shoot with my girlies be?  This was {part of} last years.  Any suggestions?
  • Oh... and did I mention news of an upcoming move?  Please don't hold it against me if these bullets don't make sense... or if I've rambled excessively.  
For now, I'm simply taking it one day at a time.

Signing off for now....  
The children are waiting on the mom-taxi to take off again.


  1. one day at a time is all you can do!! just remember to take time to breathe and even enjoy!!

  2. Breathe in -- heeee...

    Breathe out -- hoooo...

    Praying for you with all your busy-ness and transitions! :)

  3. I don't know if you can get some, but we have a large grocery store near here and when we move, (which we too will be doing soon) we get their produce boxes for free. They are a great size, have lids and some have handles. My husband just shows up at the store around 9-10 and they load him up!


  4. UGH... I can hear your heartbreaking a little in this post. Prayers for all the emotions during this time for you, friend.

  5. Oh, one more thing. When you put stuff in the storage unit, keep it off of the floor. Even in a unit that stays dry with concrete floor, the bottom of furniture can mold. :( I learned the hard way.


  6. It is so funny to reflect and realize just how much we actually do each day!! I do forget to breathe, and go to the bathroom, sometimes!!


  7. Praying for you while you prepare for your move.

  8. You've got a really full plate! Praying for you as you take one day at a time.


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