Tuesday, August 4, 2009

One of my Faves

Although you wouldn't know it by looking at my entire wardrobe
or home decor (unless you go in Gracie's room ;),
pink is one of my favorite colors!
I love dressing up my girls once a year, going on location...
and having tons of photo fun!
For this photo shoot, we only had to go as far as the backyard.

To see more picture favorites,
visit Amber @ Everything Except The Grill.


  1. Very cute girls you have. I was having a yoda moment. :)

  2. These photos are just beautiful and the pink just pops!

  3. So cool! That dark hair and eyes is just beautiful.

    I'm sure they love the dress up for pictures!

  4. You'd never know you're in the backyard. Lovely photos of your precious girls.

  5. Love the photos, they are so great!


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