Saturday, February 13, 2010

Project 365 - Week 7


Black and Gold, Baby!  Your home team wins the Superbowl and you get to share it with great friends.  It doesn't get better than that.


DK is working late.  I took the opportunity to introduce The Sound of Music to the girls. They loved it, but Nator was disappointed with the ending.  She wanted to know what happened after they all walked away on the hill together.


{cell pic} I've mentioned it before, but Tuesday is always particularly busy.  {This week, it started with bringing DK to the airport.}  I do, however, have about 40 minutes to myself to walk Jasmine at one of our local parks.  I'm going to miss this park after we move.  Our girls have played numerous days here growing up.  I couldn't begin to tell you how many miles I've walked on this track.  {wiping tear now}


We joined the Disney movie club again to catch up on owning some movies the girls have wanted.  The girls were pleasantly surprised!  Nator said, "You have permission to call us spoiled now."  She later retracted this statement.   Love it.  ;)

{cell pic}  Our last night with just us girls and mom is tuckered-out.  So we splurge at Pei Wei.  Yummo!


Nator and I made a much needed hair appointment and Mama no longer looks like Cousin Itt from The Adams Family.  Yay!

We were headed out the door to pick up DK from the airport when these arrived... an early delivery for Valentine's Day.  I always tell him he doesn't have to buy me flowers, but he doesn't listen.  ;)


Although not the best quality pic, I tried to capture this moment quickly.  Gracie wanted to help start her Barbie birthday cake {wow! thank you for all of the generous compliments!}, while she posed as a 'hero'... complete with cape.  ;)   The pajama party preparations were finished merely minutes before everyone showed up.  Whew!


A lil' shopping.  Mama found some great $45 sunglasses for $10, but my favorite part was 'capturing' the girls enjoying themselves.  Those are the moments you wish you could bottle up.

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Thanks again for the many thoughts and prayers coming our way on the upcoming move.  We're taking it one day at a time.  ;)


  1. Go Saints! Yay!

    Love Sound of Music!

    I love the pic of the track!

    Your girls are so cute! Love the shopping snapshots.

    Gave you a shout-out on my 365 this week. I took that pic of the party supplies in the bag. Such a great idea; hope you don't mind me borrowing.

    Will be praying for you all re: your move. We had to make a move like that a few years ago - everything in storage, pets given away, and moved in with Mom and Dad. It seemed dismal, but it is one of our most favorite years to look back on. I pray you will have unexpected blessings along the way, as well.

    Be sure to take pics of the front of your house and each of the rooms you want to remember. I didn't start doing that until a few years ago. It would've been fun having those all along.

    Until next time...

  2. the sound of music is one of our favorites!!! my grown kids still love to watch came on TV over Christmas and Alyssa and I sat and watched it and SANG every song together!! ha!

    love, love Pei Wei!!!!

    I got early roses too....those men are keepers!

    great week!!!

  3. I love Pei Wei.

    I love the Sound of Music.

    I love {don't you dare out me!} High School Musical and all sequels.

    Which is probably why I love Glee.

    I love singing and dancing.

    That is all.

  4. We love Maria here, too. We love the songs!

    Beautiful roses!

    I think that's what we are trying in part to do with our blogs...bottle up the moments.

    Wow, that cake! I'll have to tuck that one away.

  5. Oh my I haven't watched the Sound of Music in several years, I must go grab the movie out of the closet and watch it again. I love it!

    I love the shots of your girls on shopping day. How fun!

  6. Once again I just love your pictures. I love The Sound of Music Movie, the actual musical has the song Favorite Things sung without the children at the convent. I like it so much better when they are all scared and they come to her and she sings to them...must be the mom in me...ha ha.

    Your girls are just so sweet. Love looking at your week.


  7. Another week of great shots! The girls are just gorgeous, obviously the apple didn't fall far from the tree!
    Aren't you glad our men don't listen sometimes?! Beautiful flowers!
    And you'll have to excuse my midwestern ignorance, but what is Pei Wei?

  8. Sassy LOVES The Sound of Music. 16 going on 17 is her favorite from the movie. :)

    I love taking pictures or video, without the kids knowing, of them playing. :)

    You have such beautiful girls.

  9. Great pics of your week! That park looks like the perfect place for a walk.

  10. those last pictures of the girls cracked me up! i know i tell you this all.the.time. BUT they are so cute!!!

  11. Ah, Sound of Music. It's the best.
    That IS a lovely park you have there.
    And I commend you for snapping pictures of your girls while shopping for glasses. Good for you! I'm still learning to remember to take my camera...


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