Monday, September 14, 2009

And you thought I went for the 6-Pack

The entire time I’m getting ready for my journey to the gym, I must remind myself how much better I will feel ‘after’ the workout.  I can’t entertain one negative thought.

Not. One.  OR I will bolt… back to bed, that is.

I mean, why wouldn’t I want to go when…

I’m greeted by a smiling welcome committee… of all men.  Now, mind you, they are all ‘mature’ men.  DK has nothing to worry about.  If I had a grandpa, I’m sure they would be his age.

It’s as if they have their own club, going from machine to machine, talking with each other as if they have been life-long friends.  I’m not sure how much exercise they get, but if laughter is a good medicine, I’m sure their journey to the gym was worth the effort.

Actually, I’m honored they acknowledge me.

One morning, Charlie was twirling a weight bar (the best he could) for another grandpa.  I asked, “Are you trying out for the gym’s twirl team?” (There is no such thing by the way)

He smiles and says, “No, I was showing that young man how we used to twirl our riffles in WWII.  I can’t do it the way I used to….”

See?  It’s the same great men every morning.  They have a uniform of sorts too.  Polo shirts with belted shorts… they seem to resist sweat too.  Me?  Well, I’m simply sporting a t-shirt, workout pants and sweat a feminine shimmer.

They miss me when I skip a day… at least that’s what they tell me.  Bob always tells me, “I almost sent a search party out looking for you.”  When I’m there, they say things like…

“You look great!”
“Keep that up and you’ll live to be 107.”
“Every time I see you, you brighten my day.”

Would you want to disappoint?  Not to mention, it's like a daily booster shot of self-esteem each morning.

During my workout, one grandpa tells me he needs to consult with me to learn how he might better work this walking machine.  I call it an elliptical machine, but his terminology is cute, so I let it slide.  I am an expert after all, right?  If you believe that, I have an igloo I could sell ya.

Nah, I think he believes I know what I’m doing because my arms are flying around moving as if I’m running.  Gotta get my running in somehow.

Seriously, on the right resistance, that machine is no joke. Through the songs on my iPod, I can still hear Jillian.  “You need to feel like your heart is pounding out of your chest!”

She also says to remind ourselves why we started our workout to begin with.  I would like to work on my 6 pack, yes… (after 2 large pregnancies, mine would never quite look like that by the way)

but for me, I need to make an appearance at the grandpa country club and show these guys how to use the walking machine.

I mean... who else would brighten their day, telling them goodbye, as they’re sippin’ their coffee on my way out?

Signing off to go brighten the days of a group of grandpas.
Oh... and work on my 6-Pack, of course!  ;)


  1. I loved this post!!! How cute is that?!

    But I am with you, I can talk myself out of working out so quickly....I have to constantly remind myself, too, that I always feel better when it's done....I don't always believe myself!

  2. Do a workout for me please. I'm kinda lazy. :)


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