Tuesday, September 15, 2009

That's just what people do

 Gracie sits on the floor next to Jasmine as she is playing possum sleeps, gently stroking her fur and adjusting her collar with great tenderness. She really does love that dog.  I look at her because I expect she is about to say something heartfelt.  I think...  
this is going to be a moment.

She looks up at me and says...
 Wait for it...

 Wait for it...
“Mom, when Jasmine dies, I want to bury her and put flowers on her.  That’s what people do when someone dies."
That's my girl.  Always thinking ahead.
Then she says, "I wish dogs had more lives than cats."
While we may all wish this at times, it's a good thing cats do... because look who just discovered the 1/2 wall that overlooks the stairway!  Ugh.

 (This is the 'after' picture of my paint job in the stairway.
This khaki color looks better in person... Promise.)


  1. Awww...that is adorable!
    Hey I just found your log through Susan @ Warm Chocolate Milk--very cute stuff!
    And great paint job :)

  2. So funny! :) You can tell she has a good heart.

  3. oh my! that 1/2 wall immediately reminded me of my sister's cat madison. she had a wall like that and madison always liked to sleep up there...one day during a "kitty dream", she fell off!!! not kidding! so watch out!


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