Monday, January 9, 2012

not what i had in mind this weekend

one word that can and will change your plans at a moment's notice. 

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things one learned this weekend... but never-ever desired to:

1. when doused in listerine, a louse will die within 2-3 seconds. apparently, they don't like alcohol.  wimps.
2. lice don't like hot curling irons, either.  it will send a big-girl louse running.  this would be how one might discover this pesky critter existed in your baby's hair.
3. it really doesn't matter how clean your hair is.  you won't be immune. {repeat to self}
4. in a hurried pinch, you may have to buy a rid kit, just for the comb.  the comb will be worth every penny.
5. it's only recommended to keep listerine on hair for two hours.
6. you might decide to sleep in it.  with shower-caps.  even if that will be your hubby's last impression of you before he takes a trip to nyc.

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7. following a listerine treatment, vinegar will help loosen the nits. 
8. using the special comb repeatedly will become your new obsession.  
9. finding a dead louse is less creepy than finding a live louse. {that, alone, sounds creepy.}  oh, and 11 lice total is 11 too many.

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10. it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between dry skin or eggs. if it blows off dry hair, it is not an egg.  nits will be the color of your child's hair. brown. fun.
11. ipad + earphones + weetwoo app = sanity. for all.
12. the hardest part for little ones is having their stuffed animals washed. they have souls.  little people might cry and not buy your story of them having a fun bubble bath.  you probably could have just tossed them in the dryer.
13. you should check the inside of the shower-cap for dead louse.
14. comb and re-comb. {repeat}

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15. swish comb in solution of listerine/water. toothpicks help clean the comb, too.
16. regardless of what you read, you will feel lower than an ant when having to contact anyone your child has been near.  but they will be thankful you informed them.
17. store tools in listerine.  or you should boil things.  but you may decide not to.

18. louse cannot jump, but they are fast crawlers.
19. when you had no symptoms prior to diagnosis, you will now feel phantom louse.  and pray they are only phantom. and run for the comb.
20. your daughter my decide to camp out in the loft to escape her room, till it's 'safe'. *giggle*

21. long hair doesn't leave you more vulnerable for louse... just an opportunity to exercise more patience when combing.
22. your pets cannot give you lice.
23. christmas decorations can wait.  again.

guess what mama is doing today?
taking a homeschool inservice.
cleaning and combing, again.
we'll be surprised if we have any hair left.

this... and toilet cleaning,
not in my 'happily ever after.'

on the positive side, my house will be the cleanest its ever been!  can you tell stuff like this brings out a lil' type a personality in me?  rhetorical question, of course.

websites that might prove helpful should you ever need them:


  1. Yup, it doesn't matter how clean you or your hair is, those little suckers can get at you. I am so sorry you had to go through this. The worst part to me would be having to wash Keilee's 'pilly' [pillow she has slept with since she was 2] I honestly don't think she would let me. Hope you are better now in the cleanest house in the world!

  2. Oh goodness!! That sounds like a truly dreadful experience!! Every now and then we'll have to issue a HOMESCHOOL CO-OP WARNING with an lice outbreak. So far, we've been safe. But I shouldn't have said that...

  3. Our girls had this a few years ago. AND the day we found out...I was prepping for a Bunco game at my house. It had to be called off :( I was never so happy that my couch had slipcovers...I washed EVERYTHING. I treated myself too even though I didn't have any nits. I was so skeeved. Ew!

    But once it is's over. Thank goodness.

    I feel for ya!

  4. I'm sure it was a stressful weekend! I'm so sorry you and the girls had to deal with that. At least now you know how to kill them off! (The bugs, not the girls!!) : )

  5. ahhh... the knowledge we gain as mothers. Thank you for all these tips. I will keep them in mind should this ever happen to my little darlings!!

    When I taught in public school the school nurse would storm the room and do a lice check 2x a year.... ewwww...

    I hope your week gets better! :-)

  6. Oy! We went through this just last year at Christmas time. And then my son got it again in January, even though I checked and re-checked and washed, etc. That resulted in the hair cut we were avoiding. To make matter worse, I did get it with my two kiddos the first time. I know exactly how you feel about letting people know. I cried.

  7. Oh, no! So sorry!! But on the bright side: #24. louse canNOT completely steal one's sense of humor while reflecting on life's craziest moments

    Bless your heart. I pray it's over.

  8. That is one thing that I am scared to DEATH of dealing with. It ranks up there with puke. Poor mom and girlie. :(

  9. I have had students so infested with lice that they NEVER itched but you could actually see things moving in their hair. Oh dear me.

    They love to be in the nape of the neck. Check there really well.

    Phantom itching is TOTALLY REAL!!!

    And long hair CAN be bad if you are leaning over helping lice-infested children with their work and your hair falls on their head while you are helping. Just sayin'.

    Now go scratch. :)

  10. Listerine....duly noted!:)

    Hope it's all gone by now and NEVER happens again!

    I can honestly remember being about 7 or 8 yrs. old and having to be "treated and combed." lol...rough times

  11. Not fun AT ALL. Trust me, from my years in a salon, anyone and EVERYONE can get lice. They are miserable little critters and so not fun to try to get rid of.

    Yep, metal comb is new bff. Sad, but true.

    Ice cream helps make the whole thing suck less, though. Well, not really lice in particular...but most things!!

    Hugs to you!

  12. Can I just say that now my head itches?!!!! I saw this on sorry!!!

  13. Oh, my heart hurts for you! I was there this fall with the boys. A zillion loads of laundry, hours and hours of hair combing plus a new baby about made this mama go completely psycho! Seriously, I most likely will end up in the mental ward if it ever happens again! I am so sorry!
    *And I are really are clean, clean people...just keep repeating between the shudders and sobs...clean, clean, clean!

  14. oh my friend with girls... I am SO sorry. we have not had to fight this battle in our home yet but one of the families at church is dealing with it now. SOOO not fun. :( praying it all goes away quickly for you!!

  15. I scratched my head the whole time I was reading this ;) Been there and it is not fun. At least you have done your spring cleaning early so no need to do it in April :)

  16. My head itches just reading this : ) Good luck with the de-lousing!


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