Sunday, January 8, 2012

jan {i}photo challenge: week 1/366

suppose it shouldn't come as a shock that i'm doing this cute photo challenge a bit different.  beautiful {more organized than me} peeps are doing this as recommended via instagram.  but i'll just go for the whole sha-bang, at once. it's not too late if you want to join in the fun.

that's my continuous goal.  

what works for us.

in all things.

hey, it can happen.


1. me    
2. breakfast. organic eggs.
3. something i adore. hugs.
4. letterbox. and the 11 yo's first time to try out the key.
5. what i wore.


6. makes me smile. hardware completed in the kitchen. hot tea. my sleeping children. learning on the go. girlies that still ride on shopping carts. messages from my babies letting me know i'm still needed... even if only to fix breakfast.


7. favourite. not one, but two family trips to ikea!  a few of our purchases... 2 chandelier {top row} for girlie room makeovers, two embroidered pillows, and shelving... with baskets for storing those pesky shoes that seem to fall off of little people's feet upon entry to our home.

it's what works for our family.


  1. Happy New Year!! Oh my, the girls have gotten even more beautiful, and you...stunning as always (and fashionable)
    Jealous about IKEA, need a trip there but not super close to us.
    Have a super week!!

  2. I'm not officially doing a 365 this year on my blog, but I do hope to take a picture a day and make a book out of it anyways. So far so good.

    Good luck with yours! I remember when last year began you were including a video too. Are you still doing that at home just for the fun of it?

  3. you are always so creative how you do things!!

    I so wish I lived near an husband is so glad we don't! :) some day though I will live close to one and also Costco and Trader Joes!!!

  4. Absolutely love the way you displayed the pictures you captured....very creative. I have to agree, sometimes you have to do things that you can actually accomplish!:)

    {HOpeing we get peeks at the remodels:D}

  5. love the pictures as usual. Ikea..jealous much. The closest one is 3 hours away. We had an Ikea when I lived in San Fran. Keilee would LOVE that store! Love that chandelier and laughing at the text messages. ;)

  6. I love all your pics - but now I want a chandelier for MY bedroom! Too bad Dr. M has that man-phobia about things over his head when he's in bed - ha!

  7. Love it! I saw that paper chandelier in someone's was SO cool!


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