Friday, January 13, 2012

{cat} fever

so i may have re-pinned this picture on pinterest.


it may have accompanied a confession.

i officially want another cat.  i know.  kinda makes you drop your jaw a bit.  well, kind of.  when it dawned on me, i may have dropped my own jaw, anyway. 

not to replace our beloved bella.  no, we have grown quite accustomed to her.


we quickly realized we could look past her flaws.  you know... the biting.  once we thought we were going to have to move and give her up.  

amazing how quickly you come to appreciate what's right in front of you... when you are threatened to lose it.

well, that... and she's learned there are consequences to biting.  and we've learned her triggers.

basically, petting her anywhere below the neck.  or constantly moving your arm as you are typing, while she's trying to nap in your lap.  

tail-flicking is the first sign of annoyance.  then the ears stretch back.  then she may or may not give an internal growl.  many times, before that point, she gets evicted from the lap.

we noticed early on that she has wobbly eyes, too.  but i've since learned that it could be a trait of the siamese.  of which she is a mix. it doesn't seem to bother her.


oh. dear. lord.   at this very moment, jasmine just made all of my nose hair curl.  oxygen mask, please?  what did we feed her for dinner again?  her big, brown puppy eyes better be extra cute tomorrow.

where was i?


oh, yes.  the truth is... friends of mine are having babies.  or doing other things in which i don't want to participate.  don't get me wrong.  another lil' person would be wonderful.  but mama doesn't function well on sleep deprivation.  i remember those nights.  and i'm getting older.  and hubby travels a lot now.  that means less time to help mama.  just sayin'.

i grew up with dogs and cats.  they feel like second nature to me.  birds and fish even seem a bit exotic.  our last fish lasted a week and a half.  and hamsters?  a little too rodent-like.  sorry, gracie... mama just can't go there.  not to mention, we have a cat in the house.

oh. heavens!! might be blacking out soon.  using my shirt to filter the air.  tempted not to feed this dog tomorrow.   she snores right through it.  thanks, jazzy.

ummmm... yes, the cat. 

to me, there are few things better than the cuddles of a lap cat.


i'm glad our girls are experiencing this.  the warmth.  the purrrrr.  nator especially loves it while she's reading or crocheting.  she's a sweet, old soul.

the problem is... there is only one cat and three of us gals.  we find ourselves competing for bella's affection, especially when hubs is out of town.  the person with the softest blanket usually wins.

i may have mistakenly voiced my desires out loud and the girls may have jumped on that bandwagon with me.  both feet.  gracie wants another dog, too...  but we wouldn't be able to afford the out-of-town pet sitter fees.  we'd have to donate a child.  and that's not happening.  i worked too hard not to hear them called me blessed one day. ;)

cats probably have house parties while we're away.  i'm convinced that's why the house is still a mess upon our return.


now... for the cuteness meter and your giggling pleasure, i give you another opinion the pioneer woman. 

the pioneer woman rids the stereotype of 'crazy cat lady', yes?  you can't get much cooler than the pioneer woman...  also known as ree.  who is married to marlboro man.  which i'm sure also has a name... 
bottom line.  ree pretty much makes everything look good.  aaaaand, her lovely bloggy gave me the confidence i needed to move forward with teaching textbooks.
yeah, she homeschools, too.


anyway, i've convinced myself that hub's next souvenir to me the girls and i should be a cat. maybe a kitten this time? i'll rescue one.  it's a win-win.  i already have a name picked.  going a bit too far, huh?

if hubs reeeeally doesn't like this idea, i can always blame the pioneer woman.  right? ;)


  1. I know how you feel! Exactly. I would love another person in this house, but not one that has to grow for 9 months in my body! I think about growing our family but I too am alone much of the week....actually all of the week. I have my two dogs, one who curls up in my lap every single time I sit down. But my dilemma is I have the small dog, she is clearly my dog and Grace has the big dog, Jake. He is clearly her dog. That leaves Lilah dog in the lap-less. I have dreamed about adding a third dog but need to find just the right one (not a puppy) who would bond with her exclusively. Not to much to ask for....right? Can't wait to read about what you decide!

    1. i completely understand! maybe searching that's how we found our pooch. many times pets are with a foster family and you can get a feel for potential new family member's personality. maybe if our dog were a lap dog, i'd not feel this void in my life. ha!

  2. 1. you should get a cat.
    2. i'm dropping the baby off for you to babysit, you know that right? :)
    3. I'm waiting for my used TT to get here right now! I didn't know you had started it. Please tell me more and how it's working.
    4. get a cat.

  3. Um, did you write this for me? You've almost convinced me.

  4. Almost convinced me too. And that picture of PW's cat and Charlie is adorable. Nomad would probably be terrified of a cat. He is a wimp dog. I discovered PW about 5 years ago via. 'homeschooling'. And now she is famous...does that make me famous by association?

    The only thing about a cat is the litter box. I have this weird 'smells make me nauseous' thing going on. Can't wait to see your pics of your new kitty..cause YEAH you will get one. ;)

    1. yes. because then i would be famous because i'm associated with you... who's associated with her.

      honestly, i just chunk the whole bag of 'used' litter in the garbage twice a week. in the old days, i used to scoop it. blech! tossing a liner from the box has changed my kitty-livin' life.

      {like this one...}

      do it. no pressure. ;)

  5. Is this an online hint to your hubs? :)

    If it were me, I'd say go for it. Not much maintenance to a cat and plenty of snuggles. Unless you get a cat like our little Lynx who cries everytime you pick him up because the kiddos have held him so much he freaks out you're taking away his playtime. But it would work out for the kids... who may or may not fight like crazy over who gets to hold him next to the point where you have to break them up before the poor cats gets pulled in two. Just sayin'....

    But you'd get Bella all to yourself!

    You might wanna consider two kittens.

    1. nah... he already knows. i've emailed him a list the girls put together as to why we think we 'need' another cat. i should have posted that. ;)

      'one' more cat will do, i think. i've owned 3 cats at once before. pre-kids. it was a workout to keep my house clean. or else it would become one huge hairball. ha!


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