Saturday, January 14, 2012

jan {i}photo challenge: week 2/366

just finished watching the saints game.
i screamed... then nearly cried.
causing my cat {who was sleeping peacefully on my lap}
to fly off completely startled... 
and possibly scarred for life.

then i asked my husband why he's encouraged my interest in football.  it hurts when they lose.
he simply says... that's part of the game.

now on to the photo challenge


8. your sky.  from my back yard.


9. daily routine.  most days usually begin and end with kitty cuddles.  the best.  next to tea parties and 11 yo learning to cook dinner.
10. childhood.  myself-hubs-and our oldest as littles.
11. where you sleep.
12. close-up.  took the christmas trees down this week.
13. in your bag. our end of the year coupon from vitamin shoppe. woo-to-the-hoo!


14. something you're reading.   fortune cookies. "a passionate new romance will appear in your life when you least expect it."  received this the day hubs left for nyc. talk about timing. ha!  american girl books.  and information about shelter animals.  we made a donation of goodies to one of our local no-kill-rescue shelters.    

i know.  you expected something much deeper than that. right?

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15. oh wait... there's no 15.  i just wanted to say that hubs is home.  but you probably already knew that.  new york was going to be extra chilly this weekend.  he's home just in time.

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16.  and last but not least... hubs brought home souvenirs.  hubs even remembered the kitty i wanted.  only it's stuffed.  so i'm preeeeeetty sure it's for the girls.  *sigh*  

i recently tweeted... "After surfing adorable animals in need of a home & the emergency amber alert just called, you can find me in a box of Kleenex."

you'll be happy to know that the child was found alive. thank heaven for happy endings!

now about the kitty... ;)


  1. Hey! I recognize those little stuffed animals--in fact, I think they reside at my house too!

    Glad you have your hubby home. And though I'm sorry for your tears over the game, I, on the other hand, was shouting with cheer. Sorry. Grew up watching the 49ers.

    It was fun seeing all your pictures of this week!

  2. Wonderful photos as always!!

    Yes, super chilly in NY this weekend. We came out of church last night and it was so bitter cold it was hard to even breathe. Yuck....hurry up spring!

  3. loved what you are reading. too funny :) glad things are going well!

  4. Love all the pictures. Keilee just came up behind me saying ,
    "Hey there's Anator And Gracie and Coconut and Parlime". ;).

    Sorry about the game. I am a Broncos fan. Love the pic of you younger. Look at that hair color!

    For the record I love all your smiley faces on comments. ;)

    1. Awe... must send Kei the girls' info!

      We like the Broncos, too. ;) :) ;D

  5. The picture of Bella was obviously pre-game trauma! ;)
    I LOVE the "little" pictures. Your hair was really that light? Amazing!
    I find what you are reading funny...perhaps this is why DK is home early? :)

    Have a super week!!

  6. I love what you are reading. so cute :)

    And you were one beautiful child! what happened to the blond hair???

    it did get cold here :( Here's to hoping that three more people get to accompany hubs next time he comes to NY!

    1. it was a bit lighter as a kid... and my hair tends to lighten in the sun. but now... trying to stay on top of the gray, my natural color {in a box} prevents that from happening. ;)

  7. Such fun pictures! Love the kiddie ones especially!
    We've been watching a lot of football, too! Unfortunately, my cheering goes something like, "Oh wow, did that red team just get another thing?" Gotta get this game down before our boys start playing!

    I agree...I think there are three beautiful ladies that need a trip to NY, too!

    1. crack. me. up. that's me, too! i'm trying to improve. you know... actually remembering which teams belong to which state. it's a start. ha!

  8. Great photos. Love your story telling. Miss visiting. Have a fabulous weekend. Blessings, SusanD

  9. what a fun way to document! i may have to get my butt ingear for feb!


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