Wednesday, June 15, 2011

bedroom makeover {revealed}

it recently dawned on me that i had completed a project...
and completely forgotten to fill you in.

that's a bloggy sin somewhere, i'm sure.

my master bedroom.  my poor-poor master bedroom.
it's the room that fell victim to piles of paperwork... and laundry waiting to be folded.
it's the room that we collapsed in each night.
the exhaustion was the only thing that kept me from becoming a complete basket case from having to look at said piles each evening.
that... and the hope that it would one day be as i envisioned it in my head.

it's supposed to be the most relaxing room, right?

*insert uncontrollable laughter*

for years i've wanted new bedroom furniture.
why, you ask?

feast your eyes on this...

i should warn you.
it's brutal.

and the mess?
i forgot to take a good 'before' shot, so this is a 'middle' shot.

middle is always worse, right?


you feel my pain now?

i should also tell you that i'm fighting back every urge to run these two pictures through photoshop to edit them black and white... you know, so they would look... ummmm... less messy?  and brassy brown?
i fight the urge for your viewing pleasure.

we needed something budget friendly, so buying all new furniture has not really been an option.  the used furniture i searched through was too expensive for the quality.  so i sanded, painted, and placed polycrylic on my own.  updating the hardware was a must.  oi.

so after a lot of good ol' fashioned elbow grease...
enter our new {shabby-chic} relaxing room.


these are sooc {straight out of camera}, so please excuse the poor lighting.
mama is a lil' busy this week.
but i think i adjusted the wb {white balance} in camera enough to display an accurate color.


as you may remember, hubs and i made the headboard with used cabinet pieces bought from habitat for humanity and painted them, along with the remaining lumber that was needed.  there are several websites which give instruction on how to make headboards out of doors or cabinets.


ummm... excuse the dust.  it shows up better on dark furniture? ;)

the vinyl was bought on clearance at tarjet.  i cut some of it to come from behind a picture over our bed.


excuse the doggy bone.  jazzy hasn't learned to pick up her things, despite my best efforts.

silver platters found at the salvation army.

i had several frames that were not being used, so i spray painted them white, and put a coat of polycrylic, as well.


my sweet little bird came from hobby lobby.
in their clearance aisle.
i love that aisle.

keeping the glass in two of our white frames, hubs and i can write messages to each other.
using dry erase markers.


yours for always.
it's part of a song we sang to each other at our wedding.
this acronym has followed us ever since.

i splurged on curtains and a duvet, buying them a little at a time
@ bed, bath and beyond.
don't you just love the smell in there?

my curtains smell yummy.
i sniff them every now and again.
clearly, i have issues.

i bought a yummy smelly thingy there, too.
technical term, i'm sure.
my room smells like the store now.
relaxing, indeed.


my bedding was pieced together.
marshalls, kirklands, and target.

i made the bedskirt.
that's why it's extra long.
don't laugh.
i was going for the 'draped' look on purpose. ;)

this off-white frame was given to us at our wedding...
18 years ago.
gracie made those signs when she was practicing for dance competition.
"if you fall, get back up."
it's a good rule to live by, yes?


plates were an overflow from our kitchen.
personalized in permanent ink from a 9 and 11 year old.
"yfa" frames came from hobby lobby half off.
i love half off.
and accents of zebra.


if nothing else, jasmine is clearly impressed.
even her bed matches the room...
but sometimes the floor looks relaxing, too.
when you're a dog.

it's now my favorite room.


  1. It is beautiful! I love it-you did an amazing job! And since I have a lot of dark furniture I can confirm that dust most definitely shows up better there : )

    Sweet dreams!

  2. ain't it the truth that it's always mom's and dad's room where all laundry for eternity gets thrown! i also did a master re-do not long ago...
    i also forgot to blog it...oops.
    of course, my room is the exact size of a shoe box so you're one up on me! good job!

  3. wow that looks awesome. Very pretty.

  4. Love, love, love the make-over! You did a fabulous job. you hire out? ahaha. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  5. You have a GIFT {design}!!! Awesome room:) I'm sending pics your way and expecting feedback;)!!!

  6. It is a beautiful space. I believe that your bedroom should be a place that brings you peace and relaxes you. Unfortunately, that is not the case for my bedroom but perhaps one day soon mine can look half as good as yours!

  7. I love it. It looks very peaceful. Mine is like your before and I am never in there because I feel overwhelmed every time I go in there :S

  8. I love it! Chic and classy and soothing and romantic. You did a wonderful job!

  9. Um... WOW!!! Your bedroom is SO beautiful! I just love all the little personal details you added - from the "yfa" to the notes from the girls. So perfect! When are you gonna come up to Iowa and do mine?! :) I'm just so very impressed!!!

  10. WOW! That is a makeover worthy of Ty! You did an awesome job. I love the color with the black and white. And the little touches are wonderful. What a great room full of memories. LOVE IT!

  11. NICE!

    I won't show you pics of my room because that is even more scary. A jungle for sure.

  12. It's so beautiful! No wonder it's your favorite room in the house now! Would you like to come do a makeover for my bedroom?! I'd hire you! : )

  13. Wow! So beautiful! You are a great decorator! It looks so comfy and inviting! Happy Sleeping!

  14. Oh my - this is LOVELY! So calm and inviting, and yet with just the right amount character! :)

    Just caught up on the last month of your blog posts - the pics of the girls when they were smaller almost made me bawl. So sweet. I know I'll blink and mine will be the age that yours are.

  15. I LOVE it!!! It's gorgeous!!! I love everything about it! Just beautiful!

    I love hunting out all the little things that will go together! I love the silver balls! That bed looks so cozy and inviting!!

    Gorgeous, dahling!

  16. love it! really gonna still some ideas when I eventually redo my bedroom! Which is kindof blah and bare!

    most teh dry erase frames! SOOO gonna do that!

    it is beautiful.. I am so proud for you! now go relax in it!

  17. What a fantastic room! I love it:) You are SOOOO Creative. Thanks for sharing, I'm off to (at least) clean our room:)

  18. wow...beautiful!!!!

    Isn't it fun to finish it and just sit and look?!!!!

  19. I bet it IS your favorite room! Its gorgeous!!! great job!


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