Tuesday, June 14, 2011

just one {or two} more {quick} thing{s}


nator believes she's found a new hobby.
love the smile a new challenge brings.


she looks rather cute in her tennis uniform, yes?
the 8 inch purple egg on my tibia from practicing with said tennis player yesterday and her newly discovered backhand?
not so much.

i'd do it again to see her gain a little confidence in making contact with the ball.
but not today.
hurts. too. much.
i shall not grimace in front of her.
she feels bad.
it's all good.
or will be.

comes with the parental territory.
you know... like choosing to let your baby throw up on you vs. the carpet.
parents do things like that.
{huh, hun?}


i've been putting this off.
unfortunately, i can do this no longer.
and i waited until the busiest week in our summer to start lessons.

she will be left to her own devices when getting ready for her mini-recital on friday.
a teenager helped her last year.
she wants to do it herself.

i'm reminded of her two year old self.
"no, i do it."

if she comes out {not} looking like a clown with black eyes...
i will consider these lessons a success. 


she even lured me out to the swings for a few minutes.
she lures me with her cuteness.
and the little girl voice she musters up for times like this.

tibias, tennis, dance and makeup...
have a great week, y'all!


  1. Love their sweet smiles. I was kind of dangerous with a tennis racket too - oops! I don't know HOW MANY times I served the ball over the wall. Um, kind of uncoordinated here :)

  2. Wow. Kinda glad our summer has started out low key. You go have fun now, and uh, put yourself to bed at a decent hour too, K?

  3. Too cute!
    Way to take one for the team! Maybe she could put a little cover-up on it for you--after she's done with her make-up, of course!
    Hang in there...vacation is in sight!

  4. My youngest always wanted to play tennis because she loves the clothes : ) I kinda do too but tennis is not my game!

  5. A new hobby and make-up...exciting times in the lives of young girls! Enjoy!


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