Friday, June 17, 2011

what a week!

"mama, what are you gonna do?
an evening at home all by yourself!"

feed the dog.
inhale some dinner.
upload pix while doing above task.
quick edit.
really quick.
blog {quickly} about current events.

noticing a theme here?

most of my blogging has been quick lately.
i apologize.
complete sentences are hard to come by this week.
complete sentences have been hard to come by since having two kids.

mama is in a hurry.
so i'm gonna be short and sweet here.
gotta go pack.

nator enjoyed tennis camp this week.
more than she realized she would.
we're not lookin' to go pro,
but we had fun.
four days worth.
and she gained a new friend.

no pictures of the action.
i dislike coverings on fences.

but i guess it's necessary for providing a little shade.
when you have 110 degree heat indexes.
thankfully, we met early.


gracie had a great time at dance camp.
between her exhausting afternoons and nator's early mornings,
we've had really early bedtimes.
that's new for us homeschoolers, you know. ;)

they distributed a total of 4 trophies.
she received one for being the most accomplished in hip-hop.
apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

if they had noticed her leap, she may have won one for that alone.
in my book, anyway.
do you know how hard it is to get that back leg up??
it's hard.
i may or may not have tried it.


straight from dance camp recital...
time to get ready for the daddy/daughter dance.


where's dad, you say?
he arrived home from dallas just in time to change clothes.
bless his heart.
the girls waited patiently.


yes, these are the same dresses from last year's dance.
they are pretty.
and they still fit.

but we did buy new hair accessories.


and shoes.
better for dancin'.

from what i see via text,
they are partying it up with corsages, masks, chicken dance...
who knows?
maybe there will be a carriage ride, too.
i just know there will be memories made.


thanks so much for all of your sweet comments on our bedroom makeover.  you guys crack me up.  for real. 

i'm signing off.
wish me luck.
i'm kinda nervous-excited.
nervous about the travel.
excited about alaska.
{still can't wrap my brain around that one.}


  1. Love the shot of Gracie's leap!

    What a special night for the girls. Can hardly wait to hear all about their evening:)

  2. The girls look gorgeous! I love Gracie's sneakers!!

    Who sponsors this Daddy-Daughter dance?

    Have a great time in Alaska!!!!

  3. 110!!!!! We're lucky if we break it into the 80s. :( I wonder what your reaction will be after you get back for cold Alaska. :) BTW, Love the dancing shoes!!

  4. having been a tennis player...I am excited that Nator tried it out!!! great sport!

    Can't wait to hear all about vacay is one week from today....can.not.wait.

  5. Have a fantastic holiday!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. I like your non-complete sentence posts! : ) Your girls look so beautiful.

    I hope you guys have an amazing time in Alaska! My parents did an Alaskan cruise one year and absolutely LOVED it. Hope you see lots of beauty and enjoy your time as a couple.

  7. Girls look lovely!

    Have a great time in Alaska!

  8. Oh your girls are just TOO cute! LOVE the leap - never in my most limber days would I have attempted such :)

    Good luck getting everything done. And have a BLAST in Alaska!

  9. Tennis camp, dance camp, accessories, packing...who has time to blog? So glad you found the time. Love the pics. Have a fabulous vacay. Can't wait to see the pics and hear the stories. Blessings, SusanD

  10. I know you probably won't get this until you're back, but I thought I'd post it anyway!

    I just wanted you to know that I am completely moved over to WordPress now, but for some strange reason, Google Friend Connect may not be picking up new posts from me so that you can see them in your Blogger Buzz updates on your dashboard (if you use that at all.) Anyway, I don't want to lose connection with you, so would you do me a huge favor and use the link and go over to the new site and either subscribe thru email, RSS feed (the dark pink flower button under "Get Connected!") or go thru Friend Connect again and see if that works. I'm so sorry about the hassle, but I really want to stay in contact with you! And I will still be reading and commenting on your blog whenever I can too! Thanks.
    Come Visit Anytime!

  11. Love those tennis shoes! I hear you about the crazy busyness. Have a wonderful time in Alaska. I'm looking forward to seeing ALL the amazing photos you get!

  12. Awesome leap!

    Sounds like we have some catching uo to do! Whats this alaska talk?!?

  13. Gracie's leap ROCKS!

    And I just love, love, love the pic of Daddy and his little girls.


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