Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{s}chool, {s}weet tooth, and {s}ore muscles

slumbering out of bed from a night of, well...
not enough sleep,
{sometimes, that happens while hubs is away}
i managed to get another day of schooling logged.
despite the fact that i'm still feeling my way through the dark,
so to speak.
mama is taking baby steps in the organization department.

i'm realizing procrastination has not been my friend.

organizing, while teaching...
and shuttling between 2 piano classes,
trips to the airport,
3 theater practices, and the start-up of dance?
completely planned on purpose.
yes, that's it.
excuse me.


*hangs head in shame*


hi, my name is h-mama,
and i'm a home-body.
no, really.
i am.
believe it or not, we have homeschool friends much more scheduled than us.
i. just. can't.

oh... seems someone in our house has a sweet tooth.
{notice how i change the subject?}
a complete weakness for whipped cream.


she even knows the sound of our hand touching the can in the fridge,
before it makes an appearance in the kitchen.

one. smart. pup.


if only she knew the exact moment to catch it.


i'm not drowning all of my worries into a bowl of sugar.
i'm pumping it at the gym, too.
proof is in the fact that i haven't been able to completely straighten my arms all week.
can you say, ouch?!

of course, i make it look completely natural by bending my arms on purpose.

when reaching for something, the body must follow...
thereby exerting more energy.
thereby confirming my need to take in a few extra {good} calories.
{muy logical, no?}
like organic blueberries {ummm... just trust me.  they're in there.},
a tbs. {or 6} of whipped cream, and some ezekial 4:9 cereal for good measure.

it's my indulgence of choice, as of late.
jazzy, too.
well, at least the whipped cream.
she may have even held a short-lived grudge after i cleaned her face.

so what's your 'go-to' yummy dessert?
maybe i should ask... low-sugar? ;)


  1. you are so cute!

    I have been walking every day since September 1. Not sure if it is helping our hurting that our 80 year old neighbor looks for me and walks with me, chatting the whole time. I enjoy walking with him and the chats, and I don't mean to sound like I am "all that" but I always feel the need to walk MORE and FASTER after we part ways.

    My dessert of choice at home has always been frozen yogurt. Usually chocolate. We have this great self-serve fro-yo place that we go to sometimes too. I have also been eating Greek Yogurt with fruit. Oh and fresh figs---yum!

  2. Sassy and I are LOVIN' those pictures of Jasmine!! WHat a cutie!!

  3. Loving the photos of the dog with whipped cream on her...too cute!!!

  4. When I saw the first picture, I thought one of the girls had dropped paint on Jazzy's nose! I'm sure whipped cream tastes way better than paint! : )

    Good for you for getting to the gym. I know how that soreness feels--I ran for 20 minutes yesterday, first time ever for that long and I am hurtin' today!

    Um, yeah, I don't have any low-sugar desserts. When I want/need something sweet I reach for the dark chocolate chips or the Dove Dark.

  5. I'm with Lisa, I thought something was sitting on Jazzy's nose!

    I am so not a homebody but have not left my house in 5 days due to the stomach flu....amazingly I am not going crazy! I think the fact that I get to watch the US Open guilt free helps!

    Is there such a thing as a low sugar dessert? do I even want to know?


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