Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the start of a new {school} year

it seems every year the girls jump for joy when the hope of fall temperatures fill the air.
they literally run in the back yard... and twirl.
soaking up the crisp coolness.
we have finally halted the triple-digit-temperature-record-breaking.
hubs is even cooler, enjoying canada's atmospheric conditions at the moment.
{was trying to avoid saying temperature again}

*i should warn you now that i'm deliriously tired.*

the drought has been rough on texas.
our grass, azaleas, and potted plants are but a few tragedies.


today, we awoke to the schedule of three-hour-long-morning-theater-practice,
{while mom hit the gym and tarjet}
a run to the post office,
and school.

although, filled with mostly review,
today is what we're calling our official first day.
4th and 6th grade, to be exact.
oh, my babies.

we're easing into it.
{that's a nice way to say... mom has more copying and organizing to do}

the official grade pictures will have to come later.
{mama barely has enough energy to type, at the moment}
as will the list of what we're using this year.
some things are still undecided.
what can i say?
i'm a homeschool mom.

hi, my name is h-mama,
and i over analyze curriculum.


while cleaning up the dirty dinner dishes {say that 3 times fast},
i expressed my strong desire to "clock out" and go to bed.
nator said, "even when a woman sleeps, she's working."
she's a wise, old soul if ever there was one.
i love that kid.
both of them.

oh, and did i tell you that i was asked to write full-time for a lovely homeschool website
several moons ago? 
being asked was such an honor!
i know it's hard to tell by looking at my lil' bloggy that i might actually know how to write. 
it's okay.  you can giggle.  i can't hear you.  ;)
truth is, i love the play on words. 
because of this, i also know how much time i would put into it...
time that needs to be devoted elsewhere, for now. 
saying no is sometimes hard.  *sigh*

completely exhausted.
but i wouldn't have it any other way.

h-mama, clocking out....

[so how are you doing?  ready for fall?  ready for a new {school} year?  did september sneak up on you, too?  how are your atmospheric conditions?]


  1. Tomorrow is our first official day! I am tired too...the first day feels a little like Christmas, all the surprises, making sure everything is "just right".

    I think you are a great writer. I look forward to your updates. I think it was awesome that you were asked! Hopefully you will be able to say yes at a later date.

    Is theater practice every day?

  2. You crack me up...so glad the heat has broken. Easing into school sounds good, and your girls look so happy. Keep up the good work, mom!

  3. That is quite an honor--but I understand why you would need to say no. (I personally love reading what you write, by the way.)

    We started today too! I hope you have a great year!

  4. Have a wonderful year with your 4th and 6th graders...they are such great ages! I hope you squeeze a nap into your schedule today : )

  5. Our overnight lows dropped 20 degrees in two days. Ugh! I already miss the warm summer sun....and summer! Call me crazy, everyone else does. :) Have a fabulous day. Blessings, SusanD

  6. We start next week. This week had too much happening. But atleast Fall has sneaked us a peek. Downright cold!! 50 something overnight and 60something in the day. Perfect weather for school.

  7. Stinks having to say no...but might have only added to stress?

    Love Nator's piggies. Love these temperatures too. Woke the girls up early yesterday and threw them outside to play. I know it might get hot again but the hope of fall is here!!!

  8. What a wise girl you have!! Your girls are so pretty! Good luck as you start a new school year :)

  9. Yeah...we homeschool mom's know how to ease! Here's to a great year!


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