Sunday, September 4, 2011

school, sleepovers, books, jazzy, and a video

the plan is to start the official new school year this week.  hubs has been home some this weekend, so i suppose the planning will get done tomorrow?  *crossing fingers*  until then... we have been chipping away at math.  finally finished our last chapter in history: the ancients.  aren't you proud?


we survived a girlie sleepover.  with no drama.  the best kind.  there were only giggles, makeovers, manicures, and a lil' choreography planning {for our upcoming theater performance}.

they wanted hello kitty nails.  oh so cute.

girlie chatter is quite entertaining, you know.


i watched the movie years ago.  the secret life of bees.  the book was... okay.  i found myself wanting to skim over parts.  lady of chains, anyone? ;)  of course, i'll have to watch the movie again soon.  the help was great...  do you have any other book suggestions?


i just can't get enough of this picture of jazzy.  cracks. me. up.  either it is really cute.  or i'm easily amused.  *ehem*


thanks to hubs bringing home the bacon new external hard-drive, we bring you this zen-filled video {she says tongue-in-cheek} from our trip to alabama.

did you make it to the end without hitting the mute button? ;)


  1. When I got to Jazzy's picture I busted out laughing!!! :o)

  2. I made it through the video--it was quite entertaining! Although going down the slides did make me a tad dizzy.

    Gracie just cracks me up.

    And that picture of Jasmine makes me laugh--out loud--when I see it, so I don't think it's just you! : )

  3. that picture of Jazzy is adorable and funny.

    I loved the was a little like hanging out with y'all!

    I think P and Gracie would get along fabulously!

  4. I LOVE that picture of Jasmine!!!! That dog is so cute.

  5. Your dog is too cute and that video cracked me up.

  6. That picture of Jasmine is a HOOT - you're not crazy there.

    LOVED the video. I think I might see why hubs goes on so many road trips (KIDDING). I'll never hear the name Edwina the same way again :)


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