Friday, September 9, 2011

chicken soup makes everything better, right? right?!


it was supposed to be a fun-theater-school-dance-day, 
ending with a kids eat free coupon at chili's.

we had a busy-fun day...
that ended in a need for comfort food, even if from a can.
chicken noodle soup, to be exact.
grilled cheese, made with ezekiel bread and rice cheese, to compliment. ;)

{i had most of the details of our day typed out, ready to post... but i chickened out just shy of that intimidating publish button.  believe me.  it's better this way.}

let me simply give you an abbreviated version.
{you're welcome}

resale shop.
lunch at home.
{protein shakes will do}
{yeah! minus our first day of 'dictation'}
{yeah! until tap class.}
12 yo girl was mean to my 9 yo girlie.  possible bully situation brewing.  long story.
{whoa, wait a minute!}
tried to have an adult conversation with grandmother.
{she didn't act like an adult}
grandmother yells at mama. 
{where's the nearest exit?!}

i know it's hard to reeeally know someone from a blog, but trust me when i say that i am not a confrontational person.  i'm a slide-under-the-radar-kinda-gal.  the quiet one in a crowd.  seriously, i was the 'smile and nod' pastor's wife.  {although, looking back, sometimes i wish i would have spoken my mind.  but then again, knowing me... i wouldn't have done it differently.} ;)  but... sometimes, you just have to speak up and defend... your lil' kids.

let's see...
copied hubs the texts grandmother sent to mama tonight.
{hubs said this lady was... well... dumb}
he made me laugh with his unexpected response. 
{i needed that laugh}
grass fire near our home today.  it was contained.

we forgot to go to chili's.
we forgot to return our redbox movies.
mama forgot to eat dinner altogether.
but the girlies... they got comfort food.

and several exchanges of hugs, kisses, and tears.
i tucked them into bed...
praying that the events of the evening would only strengthen us.
and not cause any permanent damage.

i think i've finally stopped shaking...
and crying.
the fire dept could have used me today.

crazy grandmother.
{did i say that out loud?}


  1. Oh my, so not right. I am so sad that that happened to you and your baby girl. I guess we now know where that girl gets it from....HER GRANDMOTHER, just sayin'. Still not cool. Cheer up and eat some ice cream! Lots of ice cream with rainbow colored sprinkles! :o)

  2. Don't let someone else's ignorance make you feel bad. You are standing up for child and there is nothing wrong with that. I agree with hubs....Geezer Granny is dumb!

  3. I am just going to email you my response! lol.

  4. I'm not confrontational either, but nobody better bother one of my boys, or else you'll see the claws come out! I'm a crier when someone is mean to me, too. Not in front of them, of course, but it really upsets my tummy. Good for you for standing up for your girl. That grandma should be ashamed of herself for not realizing that her girl isn't perfect. Hang in there!

  5. I am just getting to this post now and my heart is aching for you. You showed your daughters that bad behavior is never acceptable, despite the G-Mothers lack of self control. You stood up for them, championed for them, were their Mama-Bear. Looking back someday they will realize how much they are loved from this act of protection. {{{hugs}}}


  6. I had to back up before I finished reading your new post today.

    I'm sorry crazy grandma went all psycho. Some people floor me with how they act in public. I am like you I let it roll until it becomes to much or it is about my son then you better watch out ;)

  7. what a day... yes, comfort food needed for sure. hope it is all worked out now!

  8. Mean, bully girls exist. I hate girls like that. I Thank God that Kei isn't in PS with that going on all the time. I am so with you..I hate confrontation..hate it. But when it is your babes, you have to stand up for them. Hope it is all fine now. Hope next dance class contains no Granny Drama!

  9. I linked to your blog today. I hope that you don't mind.


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