Monday, September 12, 2011

{please insert your own witty title here}


we have been relieved... humbled... and blessed with the outpouring of support for our recent... ummm...  kiddo-grandmotherio fiasco.  we are doing much better.  a huge {texas-sized} thank you to everyone who sent a lovely email, and/or comment.  your concern and compassion continue to touch my heart.  thank you for trusting me enough to share your stories with me, as well.

there's nothing like a great hug, or 107, to nurture the heart.
heart hurts are a parent's greatest challenge.
high fevers, too.
yeah, i remember those.


on friday, we all wanted to sleep a little longer.
the girls went to theater, while i took the opportunity to have a chat with their dance teacher, sporting my swollen eyelids, of course.
the talk went great.
she only confirmed that i handled everything with the crazy grandmother as i should have.
i think i kinda forgot to mention that the grandmother yelled at me at the dance studio.
mama wanted to put her head in the sand, like an ostrich.
they do that, right? ;)

i treated the girls to chili's since we were exhausted.
we missed our chili's {kids-eat-free} dinner thursday.
why do coupons have to expire? boo.
that was a rhetorical question, i know.

at least the library is free.
you know, as long as your kids don't forget to return a book.
nator thinks she's won the lottery when i announced this field trip.
{read: mom is too exhausted to do any other schoolwork today}

speaking of coupons, have you seen tlc's extreme couponing show?
apparently, it has gotten some negative press.
i have mixed feelings about it anyway.
who has that kind of time to clip, window shop for sales not advertised, clip, and clip some more.
it's like a full-time job.

speaking of jobs,
i'm so very thankful for hub's job.
just wish they would let him stay on the ground {at home} a lil' bit more.
when crazy grandma had me shaking in my boots, he was in the air, landing at his next destination.
that makes parenting challenging, too.
kuddos to all the single moms and dads out there!

hubs was home over the weekend.
he grilled.  yummy!
we shared it with friends, talking for hours!  so much fun.

hubs went to the store for us, put gas in the car, air in the tire, and we whisked him off to the airport again.

it's a good thing mama has pumped up "girlie movie nights." 
thankfully, the girlies look forward to them.
{games. manicures. giggles.}
but we're running out of movies we can agree on.
but entertaining enough for mom...
{read: we haven't already watched it 78 times}

{disclaimer: it is 3 hours after mama's bedtime.  she should have gone to bed an hour early, so make that 4.  read:  mama is deliriously tired and if none of these ramblings make any sense, we can blame it on 'delusions of productivity while extremely tuckered-out.'}


  1. Well, I've been MIA for a bit and missed out on the crazy grandma story. I'll have to catch up tomorrw though, or later, cuz' I'm headed off to bed after this. Just wanted to say I wish I could extreme coupon (although I haven't seen the show) but I can't/don't want to/don't have the time to learn. But I here there is some crazy money to be spared if you do it right!

    Movie suggestions. hmmm... You've probably seen them all but I'll give it a whirl:

    Ella Enchanted (Love it)
    Sky High
    Big Fat Liar
    Ice Princess

    Believe it or not, but my daughter loves all things superhero.

    Have you tried old cartoon series from when you were a kid. Sometimes those are fun to watch and remember the episodes over again, even the dumb ones.

  2. We just watched a movie, I think it is called 11 about 11 year old friends. It was good - it gave us lots to talk about. We have also watched Soul Surfer. I want to start a Friday night movie night. Many Fridays we get together with two other families for a shared dinner but on the nights that we don't do that, I want to have a movie night. I am working of cutting out tv at night so we can spend more time reading and get to bed a little earlier. I would love to hear your girls' favorite movies!

  3. Just now catching up...I don't know why people have to be mean. The world is hard enough isn't it? Why can't we be kind? I hope you have a nice week and this all goes away without any further issue. I do understand the phenomenon of the traveling husband so hugs to you!

  4. So sorry for the drama you and the girls had to suffer through. I hate it when things like that happen-- especially if it involves my kids. Thank goodness they have you. May the rest of your week be drama free! I'm with you on the couponing, by the way. =)

  5. That couponing show cracks me up. Who brings their 3 year old to buy that much stuff. Did you see that one? I was like she is asking for a complete melt down.

    I hope dance class gets better.

  6. I love reading your delirious ramblings! : )

    We just watched Tangled tonight. It is quickly becoming one of my all-time fave Disney movies!

  7. We have been watching a lot of inspirational movies. Welcome to Paradise, The Note, Fireproof, Flywheel, Faith Like Potatoes, To Save a Life, things of that genre. I think we have seen every tween girl movie in the world.

    We loved "11" also. I see that Jess mentioned it. I wish we could ALL get our girls together for a Friday night movie night. Wouldn't that be fun!?


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