Wednesday, February 23, 2011

attitude of gratitude

What do you do when your kids are a bit under the weather, preventing your normal routine?  I'm a bit drained, myself.  But if you are/have been a mama to sick kids, then you already understand the emotional and physical toll it can take.

Not to mention... so behind on leaving comments on blogs.  But my friends are forgiving, right? ;)

Homeschool... and home projects seemingly came to a halt today.  Gracie is doing much better {just a lingering-dry-cough, and a bit-stir-crazy}, while Nator is moaning with waves of nausea {no high fever though}.  Stupid flu bug.

In these moments, it's easy to see the glass as half empty.

I figure this, like all of life's circumstances, gives opportunity for a response.  I made the choice yesterday {yes, a conscience choice} to respond with an attitude of gratitude.   That's better than throwing a 2 year old tantrum, right?  It's certainly what my mama heart wants to do.  But there are many who have it worse {much worse} than we do.  So, no complaints here.

While watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition, our girls sometimes say they wish we could be on that show.  Sure, we cannot afford many lavish indulgences, but I remind them just how blessed we truly are.  Thank God we wouldn't qualify as candidates for such a show. 

In counting little blessings today, often taken for granted, I'm thankful for:

 1.  blueberry pancakes.  of course, i start with food.  these are not in order of importance.  well, maybe.  maybe not.

 2.  knowing that He will never turn His back on me.  never.

 3.  random, unexpected, appreciated texts from my hubs.

 4.  spontaneous hugs from my girls.

 5.  my super-powers.  for looking past the clutter and dust... for a time.

 6.  bubble bath.  when life's messes seem overwhelming.

 7.  my girlie's tastes in tulle for mom's homemade tutus.

 8.  home remedies.

 9.  time.  to cuddle and run my fingers through strands of my lil' girls' hair.

10.  leftovers.  it's what's for dinner.

to be continued...

What little things are you thankful for today?


  1. After going to the viewing of an ex homeschooled kid, who commited suicide, I'm thankful for the time I get to spend with my kids. It kind puts things in perspective. Even if my kids are sick, I'm blessed to have them.

  2. I'll be doing my thankful thursday post tomorrow, but I might be thankful that I don't have the ingredients for those pancakes here - no need to eat such things at almost 8:00 at night :)

    Sure hope your family returns to full health SOON!

  3. Being grateful always puts your head and your heart in a better place. You're such a good Momma and a great example for those lucky little girls!

    Feel better!

  4. so very forgiving... we all understand! abby is just now perking up! what a few days for us as well! I love your list!

  5. Definitely forgiving.

    My girls are sick, too. I completely understand. I am trying to get up the energy to blog...but I am wiped out after taking care of two sick kiddos.

    I am grateful for good books to read and that my girls love to read. I am grateful to my mom who watched my girls this afternoon when I went to work :) And I am grateful to my husband for making awesome whole wheat pancakes and cinnamon apples for dinner for when I got home from work:)

  6. Aw...I'm sorry Nator got sick. Sweetheart just asked me today, "Will Nator be at the gym?"

    I wouldn't blame you for pitching a fit. That's a lot of sick you've had over there. (But I'm glad you chose thankful!)

    I'm thankful for home repairs, hand-me-downs for one girl, and that I didn't have to cook dinner tonight! (Potluck at church). :)

  7. Thankful that my girlie girl still likes to cuddle!! I love that bubble bath...I have a nice big tub...maybe someday

    Here's hoping your girls feel better.

  8. Thankful I get to stay home with my boys. Money may be tight, but it's the best gift I've ever had.

  9. grown up girls who still need their mama, sunshine on my shoulders and blueberry pancakes-why not? I love 'em too!

    Hope everyone is 100% soon.

  10. Good perspective! Blueberry pancakes always top my list! I'm also thankful for the little kicks I'm feeling from this surprise baby! Comforting and a good reminder that life is a gift!

  11. Oh, Bless! I hope the girls start feeling better soon. Warm weather is just around the corner and you guys can get out and enjoy:) Today that's what I'm most thankful for....warm weather and time with my children {to enjoy}. I was a {bad mom} today. I checked both boys out from school about 30 minutes early and drove 40 miles to the next town to hangout, shop and eat with just me and my guys.....nothing BIG, but just time together:)

  12. Those pancakes really look good!
    I can't watch Extreme Makeover...unless I want a good cry!

  13. Thankful for my wee family... a snow day to play together.. .or two... thankful for our wee church... a God who loves us and for my adorable dog who drives me crazy but I love the furry little mutt anyway!! ha ha!

    I hope your wee ones feel better soon... we have had a few things pass through our house this month... but today... we all seem to be on the mend... today... ;)

  14. I have that same super-power, too. :-)

    Today I'm thankful that my kiddo is keeping himself busy putting coins in his piggy bank over and over. That means I get a few minutes to myself to *finally* read and leave notes on blogs!

  15. Hi! I'm visiting from HHH. I am thankful for many of the same things. We are not feeling well here, yesterday & today has been tough! I am also thankful for the sunshine today, a good cup of coffee, children who are happy even when they are sick and that today is Tuesday, I love watching Biggest Loser :)

  16. Fantastic post- really gives pause to appreciate all those great things!


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