Sunday, February 20, 2011

dance competition: our first


She saw it as something girlie and, not to mention, pink.  I saw it as a step in the direction of... *gulp* growing up.

The coveted caboodle.  Full of makeup.  It was something hubs and I talked about giving her for Christmas... and her birthday, since she would need it for dance competition.  Until now, she's simply used mom's drawer full of goodies.

She was so excited when I bought it for her.  It was accompanied with the endless question, "When will you give me makeup lessons, Mommy?"   It was carried with her everywhere in the house.  Even to bed.  For some reason, that made me smile.  I suppose it reminded me that she's not quite 16 going on 17.  That will be here soon enough.  No makeup lessons... yet.

I tucked her in for the night, and told her that she was going to do such a great job.  I was so proud of how she set a goal... and worked hard to achieve it.  Every pointed toe, and expression to be stage-ready.

{I was there, too.  See me in the picture on the left?}

Dance competition is a world unlike any other.  This was the first of many for us.

Girls seemingly doused in glitter.  Or sprayed.

Gems glued to cheeks.

Ponytails the same height, and parts all perfectly parted on the same side.

A booth of souvenirs, costing more than most parents would normally spend.

Our studio's dress and makeup is very modest compared to many we encountered that day.  Wow. 


A plethora of attitudes backstage.

From moms, mostly.  Some people take this a bit too seriously.  Oh dear.  I could have given {quite a few mamas} an earful, but it would have fallen on deaf ears.  They've obviously done this before and would have bulldozed anyone who got in their way.  Cr.a.zy.

I do this because my child LOVES it, not because I have some personal passion for the limelight.  No wait.  It's all diva, all the time, right here.  ;)

Would you know what I mean, if I said there was a bit of a I'm better than you "Country Club" mentality?  Yeah.  I don't play that game.

You should have seen the suitcases leaving on dollies when it was all over.  Speechless.

And we were only there on the day petite and junior teams were performing.  No teens.  Kinda thankful. 


Comfortable shoes are a 'must', for dashing walking between performances and dressing rooms.

Then, waiting.

No pictures or video allowed.  But they sell them, of course.

Nervous jitters.  Giggly friends entertaining, and relaxing each other.

Oh... and sharing the flu bug!  Seems a number of girls from our studio were out with flu symptoms this week.  {hubs thinks gracie's immune system was compromised from sneaking too much junk food with friends backstage.  grrrr...}


Duet partners.  Loud cheers.  Possible hearing loss.


And gold.  Gold isn't first place, but excites us all the same. 

{who cares if 98% of everyone received gold.  the coveted reward is platinum.  oh well.  it's overrated.  seems these judges found the more *ehem* 'inappropriate' routines a bit more... entertaining.}

Gold is good.

We're proud of our girls.  Yes, both of them.  Nator was the. best. cheerleader.   And partner for Daddy.  Have I mentioned how sweet she is?  ;)

And hubs.  He's a great cheerleader, too.  And navigator.  And Starbucks finder.  Even if he's not running from room to room with me, I love knowing he's there.

Time to pinch pennies, prep my comfy shoes, line up costumes, my game-face, earplugs, and Gracie's caboodle... because as crazy as it sounds, we'll be doing it again.


  1. Dance competitions draw a fine line in the sand. Either they will bring ever lasting memories of fun and personal achievement with new found friends....or it's going to be taken too far, competetive nastiness that will sour her on it.

    Glad she has you and your grace to guide her through. Hope she loves it and kicks 'bahookie'....not for the gold, but just so she can see how amazing she is.


  2. We did competition cheerleading for several years. And the girls were tame compared to those wicked moms. Whew!

  3. I think I know exactly how you feel. My oldest son played travel baseball for 2 years (he was only 7-8). I went through many emotions and it was just more than I could bare, mainly from members of our own team. I couldn't believe the attitudes of other parents and their children...uggghhh! I really don't need to get started on this...I could go on for days! BUT, I know how you feel. Gracie looked beautiful, as always:) I remember my first caboodle...but that was many years ago! Have a great week!

  4. Yes, I can see how totally diva your household is :)

    Gracie is so cute! I'm glad she's having fun - and really it's probably VERY good for her to be getting that training in posture & grace & just moving her body.

  5. Sounds like a crazy day!
    I thought about you yesterday. When I went to Lowes the humane society had some dogs outside. One of them could've been Jasmine's twin...except she was all black.

  6. We haven't done dance competitions, but we have been backstage for theater many many times and the atmosphere sounds similar. Gracie looks beautiful! And from the pictures it looks like she had lots of fun! Was she nervous?

  7. Sounds just a little like toddlers and tiaras, which I am fascinated by but not sure I could handle in person. Good job mom!

  8. awww she is so beautiful in her little costume and make-up! love her caboodle. i remember having one when i was younger (wasn't that long ago haha!) I've not thought to get audrey one, i bet she'd LOVE it. right now she has all her "stuff" hanging on the back of the bathroom door.

    it kills me how everyone finds the inappropriate routines to be the "best" really? they are kids for crying out loud. audrey would love to take dance. but being in a small town we don't have lots of options and unfortunately they are not very modest in dress or in dance.

  9. Sounds like some of the cheerleading competitions I went to in high school! It can be super crazy! And most often the parents are the worst part about the whole thing.

    Like Gracie, I loved it!

    She looks super cute, by the way!

  10. I was the nanny for a a few little dancers in town... and boy howdy ... some of the mama's ... he he... I hope your attitude will quietly shine light on some of those mama's!! =) So lovely to have a starbucks finder right at hand!! ha ha! Your little dancer looks so happy... and that makes it all worth it, right?!! =)

  11. Love this post. Such fun costumes! And I dig all that glitter!! Who wouldn't? :) You're such a good mommy and wife. What a beautiful picture you give to others of what families can be like! God be praised!!

  12. i love doing dance compition its so much fun!


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