Friday, February 18, 2011

mom {glamour}

I think a few more days of this, and I'll officially be labeled a hermit. Or borderline agoraphobic?  ha.

Confession: These days at home have been nice, but would've been much more appreciated under different circumstances.

Thank you so much to everyone who's sent their well wishes to Gracie. Thankfully, she is on the upswing today. I mean, when you've experienced all of the symptoms of flu within a 48 hour period, it can only go up from here. Right?


With the exception of one year, when both girls had the flu {}, Gracie has been the only one vulnerable each year {knocking on wood, and all that other stuff}.   But thankfully, her fevers don't rise as high as they used to, and the whole virus doesn't last as long.

Can I get a java-lujah?!

When fall comes around, I increase our vit D3 and add elderberry to our daily regimen.  Dare I reveal our entire daily regimen?  ha. ;)

Gracie's been lying in our bed for {going on} three days.  We discovered Cake, a cute show on Netflix.  A {lil' bit} teeny-bopper, without all of the boyfriend/girlfriend drama.  And has cute crafts.  And it only lasted one season.  *sigh*

Yesterday, I had to break out some of the new {freshly washed} bedding, due to ummmm... one of those nasty flu symptoms. Ugh.  Ever since, she has truly gotten better!  ;)  Her eyes are brighter, appetite increasing, and picking on sis a bit today.  But, of course, not well enough for schoolwork.  ha.

Being a mom is not always a glamorous job, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Wait, maybe for a slice of cheesecake?!!

Oh, I kid.

I'd want the whole cake.

And... there you have a little bedroom makeover tease. Bedding {love our silky, silver cover}, and dressers that are nearly finished {painting}. That's what one does when one's kid is under the weather. Clean and paint.

Okay... maybe more painting than cleaning.  Let's not get carried away.  ;)


Nator has been working  to make Gracie a lotta get-well-soon cards, attached with a cartoon from  Busy bee, that one.  Even drawing her own cartoon on each one.  I apologize for the graphic nature of one.


Hubs was kind enough to stop at the store on his way home last night.  If he'd been out of town, Nator and I would have resorted to eating beans and rice... for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Blech.  So, not only do we have groceries, but more flowers, too!  Pretty, yes?

I asked him who the flowers were for.  ;)  He said that they were having a sale.  Maybe Valentine's Day leftovers?  Two dozen for $9.  Nice.  My kinda sale.  He made them special by trimming them and putting them in my favorite glass pitcher.

So, guess they're for... me.  ha.  A little reward for catching throw-up, maybe?


I'm all glamour today.

Okay... Gracie is currently dancing in place on my bed.  Yep.  She's feeling better.  Let's see what happens if she's asked to do schoolwork.  Mwahahahaha...


  1. Glad to hear that Gracie is on the mend. A little stay in bed can do wonders for anyone, flu or not! lol

    Nator is the best with her 'So please don't throw up' cartoon....seriously, I laughed out loud and my kids came to look, too! lol

    Lovely flowers!

  2. So glad to read that Gracie is feeling better...I hate it when my kids are sick. The college student called me this morning to tell me he thought he had the flu. It's hard with him being so far away, knowing that he has to get better on his own without some mama love. :(

    Tell Nator, I loved the get well pictures! Even the graphic one, but my favorite was the "Fight Those Germs"!!

  3. But Mooommmm it's Friday! Or is that not as meaninful in homeschool world as it is in my world where I'm counting the minutes until 5:00?

  4. Glad she is feeling a little better!

  5. i think nator gets her artistic ability from her uncle. *ahem* ;)

    patrice, being away from my littles, especially while sick, would be 'very' hard. hope yours is feeling 100% soon!

    and ummmm... no, that excuse doesn't always work. ;) since we tend to start school long after public school, the girlies know ours isn't over just b/c they hear the school buses in the afternoon. ha.

  6. That little picture of someone throwing up, made me smile and gag all at the same time. :) Glad she's feeling better.

  7. Glad to hear she is on the mend :)

    How did you make the photo collages? I tried to do that once and blogger would not let me post them :( Did you use Photoshop? Is there a trick to size?

  8. Glad Gracie is feeling better. Did I mention that I used to have high fevers when I had the annual flu? They were so high that I used to hallucinate. Not fun. Not fun at all.

  9. Glad Gracie is on the upswing. Poor girl. The roses are beautiful!

  10. glad she's feeling better...thank God for those hubby grocery trips too!

  11. oh, I know. there is definately a very unglamorous side to motherhood! no doubt about it! :) glad she is doing better

  12. Having the stomach yuck is NO fun! Glad she is feeling better!


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