Thursday, May 13, 2010

They rise and call me...

The cursor is blinking at me, challenging me to write a post on motherhood.  How do I even begin to write something notable on a subject that requires so. many. hats??

I remember so many sermons preached on the Proverbs 31 woman on Mother's Day.  This seemingly perfect woman.  How could I even attain a portion of her accomplishments at one time?  

That's just it.  She wasn't all these things at. one. time.  The laundry list of accomplishments were things she attained over a lifetime.

Hahhh... I can relax.  So the fact that my children rise and call me... to make breakfast instead of calling me blessed, simply shows the season of life I am in... now.

I suppose I could have titled this... The imperfectly, perfect mother?  I mean, my kids have learned by now that Mom is not perfect... but she is always striving to do her best, sometimes talking in third person, saying 'I'm sorry' when need be, and flopping dinner plans many days. 

Thankfully, they simply care that they are loved by their mother.  Unconditionally.  Maybe that's where the 'perfect' balances the 'imperfect'.

In this season of life, my role as mother is not changing diapers, carrying toddlers on hips, rocking or nursing babies to sleep, shopping in the baby department, or bathing lil' baby rolls.  Although, I miss those things sometimes.

Ready or not, seasons change.

This season of motherhood is calling out a different job description.  Although challenging, it's one that I welcome because I know that it will sprout a growing relationship with my girls.  A lot of memories with many laughs to come.  I can only hope that the characteristics that we lead our girls with will help them understand God's love... and this everyday life.

The mommy hat has one common denominator. 
Mommies. are. busy

These days, instead of teaching my girls about the dangers of electrical outlets and putting things in their mouths, I am saving the day by separating difficult Lego pieces or having conversations about where babies come from.

DK was working this Mother's Day... again.  Last year, DK was working in Alaska.  What did we do the year before that?  I'm so glad you asked.  Someone in the house thought it a good idea to attempt... family camping.  You know, with {gulp} tents.

'Roughing it' is not my idea of a Mother's Day spa resort, but the family time was irreplaceable.  As was the year of my life that was taken when I was met in the community bathroom by a spider the size of my hand!  Eeek!

This Mother's Day, I purposed to take the day off.  My girls were entertaining themselves while I enjoyed my scrambled eggs, frozen waffles, and hot tea out on the deck in my pajamas.  From time to time, they would come outside, join me, and engage in sweet conversation while enjoying the beauty of wildlife.  Thank-you, bird feeder.  The weather was perfectly overcast, with a cool breeze. 

I spent a lot of time thinking on all things motherhood.  From the heartache to finally becoming a mother, to how the daily tasks are ever changing.

But mostly, it's Teaching...

And comforting.

Oh, yes, there are many more lessons we are striving to instill in our girls.  Many I have yet to learn myself... still.

Not to worry, though.  DK didn't leave me empty handed.  Nope.  He heard the desperation in my voice when I shared with him that we were out of chocolate... I meant to pick some up while we were swimsuit shopping, but there's no need to relive that day. ;)

And I also had the flowers that DK ordered to remind me of the beauty of Mother's Day.

Then, there's me.  The imperfectly, perfect mom.  Gracie snapped this picture of me while I was chatting with some of the women in my life {Aren't you glad the mega-zoom lens was on? Ha!}.  My mother and an aunt that I have always looked up to in a motherly way.  Aunt Carol and I chatted for just over three hours.  Adult conversation for three hours straight?  The fact that my girls entertained themselves for that long is another sign that my girls are growing up.

One day, when my girls are older, I hope that I can spend Mother's Day with them... or maybe they will call and we can chat for three hours straight.  Because, really, this day is not about breakfast in bed, body massages, getting nails done, tummy tucks {oops, where did that come from? hehe}, flowers, or even chocolate {yes, I said chocolate}... Although, those things sure are nice any time of the year. ;)

It's about time

Time spent and time reflected

I can only pray that the time I've invested will be the things that matter most.


  1. A house without chocolate!!!!! That's a sin, right? I am glad you had a good momma's day. Atleast your kids were there with you. They are the reason we even get to celebrate this day. Mine was a bit exciting, to tell you the truth. :) But it wasn't about me.

  2. such a sweet post! all that time invested pays off as they get older... I so enjoy my girls at this grown up age but we wouldn't have the relationship we do if we hadn't established it in the younger have lots to look forward to still....Happy Mother's Day, because really, every day is Mother's Day : )

  3. That's exactly what Nator tells me. Everyday is Mother's Day. ;)

  4. such a sweet, sweet post!!

    you are a wonderful mom to those adorable girls!

    last year emily or audrey asked when "kids day" was....david told her every day is kid day! silly girls

  5. So amazingly put! It's super cold here--I'm exhausted from bad dreams and rainy field trips...but this post warms my heart! It's all an investment that is so worth it! Yes, a tummy tuck would indeed be nice, but I'll take cuddling under a blanket (so we don't have to turn on the heat) with my three blessings any day!
    Thanks for the reminder!!!

  6. This was an amazing post and you pictures were inspiring!

  7. We do the birdfeeder thing, too. I love your life lessons from it - so awesome. Really enjoyed this post... and you are beautiful - inside and out. I'm sure your kids will turn out wonderful.

  8. Now THAT is a powerful post! The pictures are wonderful. I have a feeling your girls know what a wonderful mom they have!


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