Sunday, May 9, 2010

Project 365 - Week 19

Again, I'm linking up with Sara for another 365.  Feel free to join in!


See the bag?  DK is back home!!  Turns out, BP needs assistance.  He's working overtime, but at least we're sharing the same addy with him?  Gotta look on the bright side, right?


Sleepy-eyed, I stumbled on this scene in the morning and managed to be coherent enough to snap a picture with my cell-phone.  It seems Webkinz world is enjoying a feast.  I made my hot tea, compliments of the Keurig, and stumbled outside.  I was then met with pages of plans for a Webkinz sleepover, games, and menu.

Silly, creative girls.


Gracie had a play day in scouts.  It was also 'backwards day'.  She had different colored bows on, but took them off right before all her friends arrived.  Her shirt looks the same on both sides.  Now her teacher?  She was a sight!  {Teehee... That was just for you, Carrie.}

Oh... and THIS arrived.  No more line-dried-crunchy towels!!


I know my day was more exciting than this, but alas... this is what I took a picture of.  Mama hung the new bird feeders before we left for dance lessons.  No sightings of a hummingbird {yet. crossing fingers.}, but we had our first customer at the other 'drive-thru' within two minutes!  Does anyone have tried and true tips on attracting hummingbirds? 


 This was the best 15 minutes of my day.  If you missed the rest, you can read about it here. 


I felt like Jasmine today... yet, after schoolwork, I still brought my girls to the gym, picked out a Willow Tree for a friend, and picked up some take-out from Pei Wei. ;)


DK was working, so our family day plans of going to the beach fell through, but at the same time, I'm glad I didn't miss our annual friend-brunch.  So much fun!

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  1. YEAH for the new dryer! I bet those towels will feel extremely soft after they've been dried!
    Hummingbirds: be patient. If you have the feeder near some flowers, they'll come faster. One year I forgot to put it out, but was reminded when I saw one come up to where a feeder was the year before! They must have a amazing memories!

  2. LOVE the picture of Gracie on the swing and Nator with her doll! My kids do similar things with Webkinz..too fun.
    What? No more crunchy towels?! Your skin must be doing the happy dance!
    My very favorite picture this week is of your legs...I know how very much you've been longing for that!
    Have a super week and prayerfully some more cuddle time!

  3. Did Nator get new glasses?? She looks different this week.

  4. Hummingbirds: make your own food. They like it!! Recipes are online.

    Cute pics!!



  5. Yeah for new dryer and non crunchy clothes! Love the swinging pic and how her ponies are flying! We have a hummingbird feeder too...funny I fill it and in a day it's empty...yet I never see any hummingbirds!! Happy Mother's Day!

  6. yea for a new dryer!!!

    hey, is your wedding band a James Avery? It looks like the rings my kids have for their purity rings!!

  7. I have some canna lilies in my yard that always attract humming birds with out fail. We see them every year.

    Good luck with the bird watching. I have been trying for the past three years to get a picture of one of the humming birds but it is very difficult to get a good picture. They move so quickly and they are so very tiny!


  8. Wonderful photos of the girls! Super photogenic :-)
    Fun day with the girls makes up for not going to the beach.
    Congrats on the new dryer. I do have one now but it's old, used, and sucks a bunch of electricity which is very expensive here so I still line dry everything but my husband's shirts (so I don't have to iron!). LOL
    Have a great week!

  9. Yay, a dryer and cuddle time with hubby! Things are lookin up!

    I'm always amazed at what your girls come up with. Loved the webkinz plans - cute. Stop by and see some of the pottery we made this week. It was easy and fun!

    As always, I enjoyed seeing your week in photos.

  10. Fabulous photos! I love the girls, as always, but love Gracie's pony tails flying! We had our first hummingbird on Saturday up here in DFW, so...they are coming!
    And, hooray for the new dryer!

  11. Awww he and my DH have the same luggage. I hate watching it walk out the door too.

  12. We are enjoying the hummingbird visits now.
    Loved reading the other post about your favorite 15 minutes.
    My hubs has been gone every weekend, cycling events, training for La Pyrénéenne!
    Glad for friend times.
    Yeah for dryer!
    Enjoy your week with adorable girls and lovable pup!

  13. ha! Teacher just read this post! I sure I was a sight but what I wont do for all my AHG girlz!


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