Friday, May 7, 2010

One of the many reasons Mother's Day exists

It started as a lovely day.  Beautiful weather + beautiful people.  How much better could a day get?

The girls packed their bags with school curriculum and 100 color books, filled with the promise of eating cake at our local Starbucks.

Yesterday, I had a rare mommy date with a friend, and the opportunity to meet a new friend.  The topic of conversation?  Homeschool.  My new friend is planning to homeschool her girls {same age as mine} next year.  Gotta love meeting a new convert. ;)

We had a lovely conversation, while the girls shared 2 different cakes.  Yummy.

From there, we headed to our local Panera.  A good mama wouldn't dare let her girls go hungry after eating cake.  ;)

It was a lovely lunch, filled with more coloring and funny conversation.  Where there's an 8 and 10 year old, you will find laughs.

And drama.

But {somewhat} understandably so.

I'm getting to that part... eventually.

DK has been putting in the hours.  I recently told him that his job was interfering with our lives.  I was joking.  Kind-of.  Then again, his jobs always have.  But especially in the recent weeks.  {Seriously, how can I be expected to wait in suspense of watching the next episode of 24 without him?  But really, it's about my sofa snuggle time.}  When he is home, he is ready to hit the pillow.  Exhausted.  Why, you ask?

Again, with the oil disaster.

This is where DK is during his waking hours.  
At times, sharing airspace with the chairman of BP and the...

Impressive, yes?  Again, if this operation goes well, feel free to give some kudos to hubs. ;)  However, if this operation takes longer and is messier than expected?  Well, just remember that hubs is simply {one of many} on the tech side of this operation.  ;)  {That was for The Sneaky Mommy.. Hehe...}

So, while hubs is tackling the world's issues, I'm tackling lil' fires at home.  Swimsuit shopping.

It all started with pure excitement, giddiness, and good ol' shopping adrenaline bliss.

Just when I started to wonder at what age we lose that giddiness when shopping for a swimsuit...
drama, tears, indecisiveness, swimsuit discomfort ensued.

Child #1:  "I look adorable!  I look so cute!  They all look wonderful.  I just can't decide.  Oh, I just look so... adorable!"

Child #2:  "This one is embarrassing.  This one is uncomfortable.  I like this one, but I'm not sure.  Can I try on more?  This one huuuuuuuuuuuuuurts!"

I'll spare you all the drama.  I promised not to post the picture of child #2 while she was completely red-faced, in tears.   Believe me, I feel the same way when shopping for a swimsuit, but I didn't remember struggling with some of those feeling and emotions when I was only eight years old. 

Looong story short. By the time it was said and done, and my frozen groceries were completely defrosted, we left with two swimsuits.  This was simply to not infringe {any more} punishment upon myself if we made it home with only one suit.  Happy Mother's Day to me.

Once home, she realized how ridiculous her actions were and gave me a few unprompted, hear-felt apologies.  That made it better, but the wrinkles I developed at Target that day are permanent.

The stress from this shopping expedition reminded me of shopping for the first time by myself with a newborn and toddler.  The baby was crying.  I picked her up... and the whole double stroller flipped over with a once sleeping toddler inside, now crying too!  Two women passing by {probably mothers themselves} saw my distress and came to my rescue.  Kohl's was not worth the trip, that day. 

I sent DK the pictures from my day of work too.

Oil disaster?
Yeah... I want to see him deal with making a lil' girl happy while swimsuit shopping.

But he's a sweetheart.  This is what I found on the doorstep when I got home.  An early Mother's Day gift.  Roses in all colors.

But the best part of the day?  After my workout at the gym, I propped my feet up outside... just as DK came through the door.  I cuddled 15 minutes with my schmoopie, watching the sun go down from our back patio... then he went to bed, preparing to tackle the world's problems for {at least} one more day.

Maybe they'll let him have a day off this Mother's Day weekend?  Please?

What are your plans for Mother's Day?


  1. ugh! swimsuits!! and I remember very vividly shopping with my daughter in her preteen years....enough to drive a mom to drink!

    glad your hubby got home just in time!

  2. I hate shopping for bathing suits also. I end up in tears every time. My mom's day consists of church, Max and Erma's for lunch, home for a nap, then off to MIL for dinner. I saw my mom last night, since she works on Sunday. Then we pack for our trip to Kalihari from M-W. Yippee!!!!!

  3. Since I've been swimsuit shopping myself (online) over the past few days, I totally sympathize with your girl. Spare her the info. that it never gets better :) Hope you get some time with the Hubs over the weekend. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  4. Wow, I didn't realize how uber important your husband is to this country! :) It all looks so impressive!

    Glad to find another 24 lover! So sad this is the last season, although it will free up Monday nights for me again! :)

  5. What a day! I am exhausted and relieved - all at the same time.

  6. How did I miss this post last week???
    I feel really inclined to hug your sad little swimsuit shopper out of sheer understanding and years of "being there"! She's adorable!
    On the oil note...I told my husband I met the wife of a really important BP guy. He'd really like to meet DK someday (maybe see inside his brain!). Our whole family is curious if DK is solving the problem. When we watch the news, it's pretty much like DK is the only guy working on it. :) No pressure though! Glenn Beck said this disaster will never even begin to compare to Sadam did several years back. So, no worries here! We're still big fans of the BP husband of H-Mama!
    (wow...leaving a small book!)
    Praying a solution comes quickly so you can have your husband back for snuggles and 24!

  7. how did i not see this post! man, i know i'm behind but i thought i was pretty much read up on yours.

    the girls are adorable in their bathing suits. we've not headed out for swimsuits yet, i'm putting it off. i liked it when i knew what size they wore and could just pick one up while i was out. {sigh} those days are long gone.

    the roses are absolutely beautiful!!!

    love! love! that picture of you! so pretty. i know you were going for the tired look but its beautiful! lovin' that shirt too.


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