Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A {Sweet Shot} before the Crazy

Last night as DK hugged me {Hahh... I like the sound of that}, I rambled on about the hectic schedule that awaited me the following morning.  

Fix breakfast, clean, schoolwork, lunch, bring Nator to scouts, bring Gracie to park, pick up Nator from scouts, hurry home, snacks, get crunchy clothes soft for dance class, bring girls to ballet and tap class, rush home {hopefully} in time to meet the Sears guys with my. new. dryer!!!!

This would be the reason for the 'crunchy' clothes.  The girls have already requested re-washing the line-dried-crunchy towels when the new dryer gets here.  Spoiled Skin.  Can't blame them. ;)

Oh... and I need to somehow think of something for dinner other than frozen pizza and take another trip to the library to pay for the book Gracie somehow glued shut as well.

I know you want to hear DK's response to my tasks for the day...  He said, "Don't worry.  I'll take a day off and take care of all those tasks for you.  All you need to worry about is being on time for the appointment I made for you to get that facial and pedi that has been on your wish list.  I have everything under control."

Wait, what?  That's not the way I remember it!  I mean, I'm sure he would do that... if he could {right, hun?}.  But we live in this lil' thing called... reality.

He simply smiled a sly smile and said...

wait for it...

wait for it...

"Well, I only have to help stop one of the biggest national disasters in America."

How do you top that?

Crazy oil disaster.

With my quick-witted charm, I said, "Well, it's not like you're having to suit up and swim to the bottom of the ocean by yourself with a big cork!"

We both got a good laugh out of it.  He is simply on the tech side of everything... Which is a task in and of itself.

So... before the day really takes off, here's a sweet moment captured while enjoying our eggs and pancakes this morning.

This was the moment right before Mama had to spoil it by saying it was time to clean up the loft.  I threatened to take a picture of that room and post it on the blog.  It struck fear in the lives of a ten and eight year old.  I mean, I don't want the Sears delivery guy to trip on Webkinz world that has seemingly exploded all over the floor.  Oi.

And, yes, I must confess.  Photographically speaking, this would win no contest... This, too, is another all-cell-pic-post.  If only my iPhone had all the features of my Nikon.  Now that would be sweet!! ;)

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Such a sweet photo! My Sunshine loves her dolls as well!

  2. Great post, as usual! And we just got a new dryer...totally excited for you!

  3. Enjoy the new dryer! You should've seen how big my eyes got when you wrote the part about getting a facial/pedi, until I realized he really didn't say that! :D

  4. UB loves the feel of those crunchy towels you might want to save him one. Glad to hear you are getting a dryer. If you don't get that mani and pedic before we get there maybe we can go together.

  5. Occasionally I get that overloaded schedule thing happening and when I start reeling it off to the hubs he says something like..'let's trade..you go sit for 6 hours in a meeting where everyone is speaking Chinese (literally) and about every 5th sentence remembers you don't and attempts to fill you in'

    Excited for your new dryer! Yay!

  6. Oh, to eat on the back porch for breakfast. That would be awesome. :)

  7. The unexpected shots are always the best. I love the feet :) Hope it was a good day.

  8. Great pic!!! And O.M.G. i'm totally gonna use that threat to get my kiddos to clean their rooms :)- Lol

  9. Cute post! Hope you survived the day! When your husband solves this national crisis, I'm totally telling all my friends that I "know" that man's wife! :)

  10. Love the sweet sister pics!

  11. That is such a sweet picture!!! These are the pictures that will bring back the most memories...not that beautiful portrait on the wall...too too cute!!!
    And what a guy you have there : )


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