Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Lumpy Rug Day

Just when I thought I've heard it all.  

I'm so glad to have facebook in my life.  How else would I know the important issues of the day?   Like... what you're craving or eating for dinner, who you ran into that day, how a friend's bathroom remodel is progressing, when someone can't sleep, or is napping, has a tummy ache, enjoyed prom, said 'hello' to a friend they just ran into, all the people that announce they are going to church on Sunday, today is Lumpy Rug Day, or what I really love?  The many game updates that are posted.

See?  Important stuff.

Oh, I get fed spiritually too.  You know, with status updates like this...
We have made Christianity about 'being good' instead of about 'having life.'  Christ said, "I came that you might have life and have it to the full," not "I came to make you good because you sin too much and I'm tired of it..."  Thanks, Aimee!

See?  Good stuff.

I get funny stuff there, too.
 Thanks for the giggle, Anita!
It can be a good distraction from the real news of the world, right?

DK made it home last night. {Can I get a java-lujah?}  He has been working more hours than one should associated with the tragedy of this oil rig explosion.  The only reason he was allowed to come home earlier than expected is because BP needed a tech-person here, where we live.

I pray that the ripple effect of this tragedy will not be the monumental task they are projecting.

I mean, what would people do without all that southern seafood??

I suppose there's always this option...

Yeah, I agree.
Let's just pray this oil problem gets cleaned up quickly.

Don't forget to change out or appreciate your lumpy rug today! ;)


  1. I love my Facebook!!! I must admit, though, it has caused me great amounts of grief but also a lot of laughter. :) I find lots of money saving and healthy living sites. And, of course, the occasional crazy person site. ;)

  2. The Wrinkled Ladies cracked me up!

    The oil mess is just terrible. UGH!

  3. what a fun post! :) I got to see anita renfroe at women of faith and she did this song. so funny! all the women there were just cracking up!

  4. Oh!!! That crazy song is so stinkin' catchy, and I thought it was funny that my kids loved it--until our 4 yr. old boys just starting spontaneously breaking out in "all the single ladies" in the mall. Quite lovely. I'm a good mom.
    I'm sorry for your husband! Hopefully it won't be too stressful for him! What an overwhelming problem!

  5. That video was outrageous! Love it. :) Those fish are sure to give me nightmares though. Hope your husband gets more normal hours back soon!

  6. "can't hide it so you gotta make peace with it"...ain't that the truth!!! glad your hubby's home. that whole mess is no good at all for anyone. welp, i'm off to vacuum my lumpy rug so i can lay on it! ;o)

  7. hahahaha!!

    {whispering} i should be cleaning and junk but wanted to come check in on ya and saw this video and i cannot stop laughing! {end whispering}

    that is SO stinkin' funny! gonna steal this and put it on my facebook haha!

    have you seen the jonas brothers spoof of this song?



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