Sunday, May 2, 2010

Project 365 - Week 18

It's time for another weekly report card.  I must admit that we were better at taking pictures, but must apologize if the quality isn't up to par. Thank God for the handy-dandy cell camera when in a pinch!  Has anyone ever done a 365 with all cell pix before??  Leave it to me.  Geesh. There's a lot of them.  Just warnin' ya!! ;)

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We had a great lunch with DK before we had to say good-bye to him... so soon.  Didn't he just return home?  Oi.  You like our lil' man we made?  This is what lunch leads to when daddy determines lunch is iPhone-free {well, except for the pic, of course.  that doesn't count, y'all}.  A no interference lunch... It makes the best memories.  Really.

I love days like this.  We didn't have anywhere we 'had' to be.  The weather was perfect and the girls 'wanted' to get the day started with school.   Don't you just love Nator's school uniform for the day?

The only problem?  They wanted me to come inside to help them.  I finally lured them outdoors to accomplish another project Nator needed for scouts.  She wanted to paint a poster with The Sound of Music theme for their theatre themed end-of-the-year ceremony.  I saw it as a win-win... Checking things off the to-do list and mama gets to enjoy her hot tea outdoors.  Hahhhh...  And yes, we eventually did get mama indoors to help with schoolwork.


As if Tuesdays were not busy enough.  An unusual view of our laundry room.  I don't normally hang dry my husband's white t-shirts.  This would be due to our dryer not working.  Nice.  You should try using the hanger-dried-crunchy-towels.  Nicer.  ;)

Days later, I followed this up with a facebook status update:  "Feeling a bit Amish today {another way of saying that my dryer is not working. boo!}  nothing like crunchy towels off the hanger.  better yet?  underwear.  the girls are officially grossed-out.  it's my form of entertainment for the day."

I started the day in tears.  Here's why.  Even now I still tear up just thinking about it.

My search for a needed part to the dryer has grown cold.
I miss DK.   I want him home yesterday.
I miss my evening sofa cuddle time.  The girls miss him too.
He needs to be here to tuck them in and give his fair share
of hugs and kisses.

I have a lil' money from a photo shoot, so DK says to spend it on myself.  Do you know how hard that is when you can think of 10 things {easy} that the money should go toward?  However, I did the unthinkable.  I made a conscience choice to shop... For myself.  I have a budget and 2 hours before Gracie has to be at dance.  Sounds relaxing, no?  Good thing I had my wardrobe consultants in tow!  {I asked DK to give me a lil' time one day to do this alone in the near future.  Just sayin'.}  ;)   They gave the new shirt a thumbs up!

Gettin' some Nator lovin' while Gracie is in dance class.

DK just called and said that he wouldn't be able to come home before his next destination.  :(


Nator says, "Mom, with those sunglasses and your long hair, you look like a fashion model."  I'm officially keeping my hair long and never taking off my sunglasses again.  ;)

I played taxi-mom to two lil' girls on their way to pick up their dates.  You didn't know today was Webkinz day?  Really?  Hallmark apparently didn't either, so that's okay.  Tsk. Tsk.  We took our new pets to Panera...

I almost always order this.

A Mediterranean veggie sandwich and Greek salad.  Yummm....

For dinner, we took our pets to Pei Wei, of course!  It's a date extravaganza and this is my coping mechanism for the day with DK being away so long.  It's sometimes chocolate. {Okay, I confess. I will look for any excuse for chocolate}

I always order this...

Honey seared veggies and brown rice with sauce on the side.  Don't laugh.  I know I can make this at home, but it's the ambiance... right?   Or not having to make and clean up any mess.  You decide. ;)


The day started like this.  You've heard me refer to myself as a sweat blob?  Very little of the shirt is still dry.  It's attractive, I know.  And this doesn't count what I left on the gym floor.  Sorry, Mr. Gym.  It makes my girls laugh every time I try to hug them after a workout.  Blech.

And our day ended with a lil' window shopping for swimsuits as we ran through our grocery list at Tarjet.

As I tucked Nator in tonight, she said, "Everyone is normal with a lil' bit of strange in them.  If someone says you're weird, they're really saying you're unique.  Even if they say it in a mean way, it's really a compliment."  I love that lil' girl.

That was our week in {cell} pix.  How was your week?  I'm sure you actually took pictures with your nice camera.  You're so good.
{Note to self:  Great job on getting pix, but you must be more diligent in picking up the Nikon next week!}

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  1. What a FUN post! Beautiful Gals~

  2. Love the dressing room pic! Such a cute top! As always, you and your girls are adorable.

  3. I love how your girls are always smiling! And how they love their momma!

  4. even with a cell phone, you always have the best pictures!!! of course, you have the cutest models to work with!!!

  5. You're brave. No way would i post a pic of me after a workout. I don't look nearly as cute as you.

    Hope your hubs made it home!

  6. I'm the same way with the sweat. It's quite embarrassing. It even drips off my face and burns my eyes. RE-DICULOUS!

  7. Grace's vlog totally had me in tears, so can you pass the Kleenex? That does a mama's heart good, doesn't it?
    I LOVE Nator's attire for school. Talk about putting on a thinking cap!
    You know, even after the workout you could still be a fashion model, so don't worry about your hair and sunglasses.
    Have a super week and get DK home soon!!

  8. Sorry that your DK is missing from your week but it looks as though you kept yourself busy! I love love Nator's bow! I am a bow girl with 2 boys! Hope you have a great week!

  9. So many GOOD cell pics!
    Great subject matter? Good cell camera? Photographic talent?
    All of the above!
    Special grace to you and yours as you go it alone for awhile...yet never really alone.

  10. I still haven't figured out that first picture. Strange. Very strange indeed. ;)

    Don't sweat the sweat. (huh huh) At least you WORK OUT!! Dog! I'm so disgusting...

    Great week with your girls!

  11. I always enjoy my glimpse into your week - your girls are so cute! Sorry you have to be bachelor mom so much - but it looks like you're good at it.

  12. Girl, you are looking GOOD! Seriously! All that time in the gym is really paying off (although you have always looked great to me!)

    And that plate of veggies and rice - yum!


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