Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This made me cry today...

I was in the restroom, putting on makeup as we were about to search for a new heating element for our dryer.  The fact that I currently don't have a working dryer is not what had me in tears.

With an unsure voice, Gracie says, "Mom, I want you to see something."  My heart sinks as my mommy imagination flashes scenes of counters smeared with toothpaste, water all over the floor, rashes or boo-boos that need attending or an art project that went a bit... erroneous.

I open the bathroom door and she quickly slips the video camera in my hand... and runs away.  A bit puzzled, I push play.  Sometimes a mom should be warned as to what's coming next.

Then my tear-ducts go from 0 to 100 in no-time-flat after I realize this was not a confessional, but...  Well... you'll see...

{She gave me her permission to post her vlog.}

Just when I wonder if what we're telling them is getting through.

And... our search of a heating element fell cold.  So, I guess I can cry about that now too.
If you need me, you might find me in a box of Kleenex.


  1. I can't play it right now cause I'm at work....but will be back later, kleenex box in hand. Blessings, SusanD

  2. Yep--a kleenex is needed! :) What a precious little sweetheart! She's the type of girl I'm praying for Cloe to have as a best friend someday soon!
    Give her a big hug from the crying mom in Iowa that she's never met! :)
    Good job, H-Mama!

  3. that has to be the sweetest most innocent thing I have ever seen
    You are doing everything right with that little girl
    keep up the great work

  4. Oh, my sweet heavens. That was the most precious thing! Pass your kleenex :)

  5. Pass the Kleenex please!!! Jeez, thanks for the good cry. What a sweetie.

  6. That is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Such emotion! Loved the smile and kiss at the end. Cutie-pie! And, just so you know, eventually the things you say will sink may take until they're in college, but it WILL sink in!

  7. How sweet, and sincere.
    Please pass the tissue!
    Go hug her for me even!

  8. no words...just sniffles! ;o)

  9. Wow. Beautiful. You are so blessed.

  10. oh girl, i watched this yesterday and could not help but cry. she is a sweetheart.

    a couple months ago, sarah got in one of her lil sassy moods and for days {maybe even longer} would walk around saying i love you more than God....almost in a rebellious type manner. that girl, we gonna have us some trouble outta her lol

    only 4 and already a little rebel.

    okay, the girls just came up her a minute ago and told me you better email their mom and tell them you haven't bought any stamps yet. *giggle* i have to run out today so we'll drop them by the post office then.

    i love the picture that is showing up in your you might also like.....something i do each day. so sweet.

  11. Oh, my...waaay to precious for words. She's a sweetie. It certainly does put everything in perspective, doesn't it. Darn dryer element. :)

  12. Stupid element.

    And wow. Just wow. What a huge heart in that girl of yours! What a treasure, to always have that on tape!

  13. Very, very sweet. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet!

  14. So. precious. Now I need a Kleenex myself.


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