Monday, April 26, 2010

Project 365 - Week 17

No, I'm not MIA.  I promise.  I've simply been unplugged a little more this week.  Why, you ask?

I spent much of the first part of the week editing pictures and nursing Gracie back to health.  I'm puzzled as to what could have caused her to get sick the way she did... Pollen?  Cutting teeth?  A bug?  Fortunately, when I attack it early and hard enough it doesn't develop into anything serious.  Our regimen of choice this round?  Oscillococcinum, Goldenseal, Echinacea, Colloidal Silver, Mullein, Garlic capsules, along with our everyday vitamins of... a muti, omega-3, vit D3, Ester-C and plenty of rest.

Gracie on the road to recovery and designing her own headbands to match her scout uniform.  Such the lil' fashionista! 

It's a laid back kinda school week.  Nothing new. ;)  Nator makes her bed in the loft early to prepare for company coming.  Her response to seeing my camera?  Fear.  Fear of photographing the mess that lay all around her.  Too funny.

Gracie wants Mama to put some healing touches on some of her beloved Webkinz.  Sure.  After I finish washing the sheets and folding Mt. Laundry sitting next to these new patients.

Enjoying the supertunias and snow princess from our deck.  Sippin' hot tea... So relaxing in beautiful weather.

Spending time with my girl, Nator.

The girls were so excited to pick up their tap costumes in preparation for their upcoming recital!  So cute!

Spending time with my girl, Gracie.  "So, Mom, what would you like to talk about?"

Uncle B and Aunt D are in town!  They came with birthday gifts in hand... including, Pictionary Man and In a Pickle.  Gracie kept claiming that the swimsuit she drew was "not his underwear."  So funny!  Have you ever played In a Pickle?

If so, then you might find this humorous.  Nator played the clown card... after president. ;)

DK was out of town all week.  It was great to have him home again.  Gracie was eatin' up some 'Bay-Bay' lovin' at Panera.

We had lots of fun playing our games in the restaurants this week.  People may have looked at us funny, but we didn't care.  We made some great memories.

Jasmine was clearly impressed by our week.

How was your week?
I'm a little late to the party, but I'm linkin' up with Sara!
I'll try to do better at next week's 365 {At least with less cell pix}. ;)
I'll be around soon! 
I have some catchin' up to do in the blog-o-sphere!


  1. Glad Gracie is feeling better! Love the tap outfits! Yes, Jasmine looks highly impressed by the week!

  2. Well sweet Jasmine...I'm feeling a bit like you look today! *Chillin'*!! Great photos. Especially the toes. Don'tcha LOVE this time of year?! Hope your cutie is completely back to health.

  3. Love the girls' dance outfits. President.....clown. Hysterical! Love Jessica's pictures. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  4. I was wondering where you went this week. Glad to see everyone's doing well. Sassy got sick this weekend and we're still trying to recoup.

  5. Those tap outfits are really cute - I hope we'll get to see a picture of the whole group of girls on stage.

  6. Hope you're doing goes the move?

    Adorable tap costumes...oh I do miss the days of ballet costumes...I've saved a closet full : )

  7. Great photos. Fun times! Loving memories.
    Keep on keepin' on!

  8. I bought In A Pickle for my oldest daughter as an Easter gift. We took it down to her at college when we went to visit a few weeks ago. We had a bunch of college kids sitting at a table poolside at the hotel playing the game with us. I think we played it 4 hours! We just kept laughing and laughing. Loved that game!

    I came to the party late too and wondered what might have happened to you. Glad you made it. I always enjoying seeing your weekly pictorial.

    Till next time...

  9. Gotta love the herbal remedies, I tell ya! Doesn't it feel good to know you're not shoving a bunch of "lab chemicals" down their throats? Yeck!

    Poor hurting Webkinz...

    Awww...I miss tap dancing so much!! Those costumes are great, by the way!

    You had lots of great family fun pics this week! Who cares whether they're cell or not? You guys all look so happy and familial!!

    I must say, I've never even HEARD of In a Pickle. But I can imagine...


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