Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Girl and her Shoes {Sweet Shot}

Jessica is another senior I've had the privilege of photographing.  She's full of life, dreams, and hope for the future.  More importantly, she is simply ready to graduate!  {Oh, how I remember that feeling.} She has a wonderful family and a cute car {speaking of which... why didn't we photograph you with them again?}.  She wants to major in childhood education... a girl after my own heart. 

Thinking back {now that I have more than a few gray hair to cover up}, picking a major that should determine your life's goals seems like a lot of pressure... especially considering the money it takes to invest in said major.  I mean, seriously... I'm pushing 40 and I'm just now getting close to what I want to be when I grow up... just maybe.

Yet again, this is not about me, but Jessica...  Here are a few of my favorites. ;)

Yes, Jess, roses have thorns! Ha!

Oh... and she has a thing for shoes, too.  Converse, to be exact.
This might explain why she was studying my shoes. ;)

Thanks, Jessica!  It was fun!  Oh... and I won't mention that thing that the bird flying overhead did to you.  Nope... I wouldn't dare mention it.  Okay... well, at least I won't post the picture.  Ha!

Sweet Shot Day


  1. You do such a great job. If we lived close I would totally have you photograph my Twin Men.

  2. I wish you lived close enough to take some pics of my graduate...these are so cute!

  3. Those are awesome pictures! I love the one where you can really see how blue her eyes are. Gorgeous!

  4. what a great shots. Love what you did with senior puting the 10 in there. so creative. thanks for sharing :)

  5. lol!
    okay, first: love the colors of your blog.. may have to steal...errr ... share, 'mkay?
    2. she is gorgeous, those eyes!
    3. totally love your edgy/hip perspectives, just awesome!
    4. first was my favorite. or, maybe #3. or #5. aww, they're all great!

  6. Wonderful, wonderful shots - all of them! Nice job!

  7. Wow, they were all GREAT.

    Loved the purple tennis shoes!

    Very creative~

  8. Great shots...love the shoe shot especially!

  9. once again.....great shots!! she is adorable! and i'm lovin' those shoes :)

  10. she is beautiful....and you are TALENTED!!!


  11. great photos! my favorite is the last one.

  12. WOW! These were great! Such creativity! Loved the one with the roses and the last one with the shoes!

  13. Cute girly girl and beautiful pictures, Miss Photographer!
    *Thanks for your wonderfully encouraging comments, too!

  14. That last one is my fav! I bet she loves these!


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