Saturday, April 17, 2010

Project 365 - Week 16


We started the day singing songs on the patio.  DK played Gracie's guitar and, of course, the concert included Lovebug by the Jonas Brothers.   {This was after my lil' workout dilemma.  Ha!}


On our grocery run, the girls and I bought flowers from DK. 
He's sweet like that.  ;)

We also picked up some catnip spray for Bella {Nator's request}.  Nator donated a mouse, the girls named 'Prince Naveen'.  Prince and Bella became instant friends... and the spotlight of entertainment around our house.  I know... You're thinking I should really get out more, right? :)


I spent the morning sewing no-sew-taping badges on the girls' uniforms.  {Someone should tell Martha Stewart about that lil' secret.}  Gracie made DK and me badges.  Sew sweet. ;)

Let's see... Do I post the pic of the sunrise when we woke early to bring DK to the airport?  Do I show you the pic of Jasmine and how pitifully sweet she looked with her head resting on the car's armrest, while waiting on me to get in the car?  Do I show you the picture Nator took of me at Panera, after my workout {not. pretty. but happy there were no bullies in kid care at the gym.  yay!}?  Nah... I'll simply post this pic of a sweet, spontaneous moment in our day.

We passed someone's car who had their music cranked up loud.  Before Gracie could get the request off of her lips, I rolled the windows down and cranked up our music too!  I managed to snap this {cell} pic in the moment.  We were listening to...

Bring On The Love by Coldwater Jane

Coldwater Jane - Bring On The Love
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Nator leaned toward the window and screamed, "We're bringin' the love!!"
I love my lil' girls.  Sigh.

I wrapped up our errands with some mommy/daughter time with Nator while Gracie enjoyed dance class.


The girls were so excited to work on these poster-sized lapbooks.  Nator wanted to research state flowers, while Gracie worked on a requirement for scouts with a horse-themed poster. 

The girls and I spent some time doing a fun photo-shoot, then Gracie hit a brick wall when we got home.  Body aches and fever.  Crazy.  Poor baby girl.  :(   Days like this make you even more appreciative of life and it's many blessings.  I loaded up my sick girl and nurse Nator {yeah, she likes to help take care of everyone too} and we headed to the airport to pick up hubs.  Yay!

This beautiful girl was part of our day.  Another great family.  While we had a lil' photo-shoot adventure, our girls rested and watched a movie in the car.  Gracie is still not feeling well, so I had to cancel one of my photo shoots.  She has had less fever today, but I just want my sweet baby girl well.  Now, please.  I'm not demanding either. ;)

I have a feeling I will be spending most of my 'next' week taking care of my girls and editing pix from Friday and Saturday.  ;)

How was your week?
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  1. So sorry about your sick fun. Love the Jasmine picture, she is a very present part of your life. I hope you have a place for your badges of honor.

  2. Wow, you got some gorgeous photos! Your girls are super sweet. Love seeing the ones of them reading and goofing together.

  3. If you ever come up to Michigan, I am totally hiring you to take pictures of me and my family. :) You are a wonderful photographer.

  4. BTW, I hope Gracie feels better soon. Poor thing. :( No fun being sick.

  5. What better way to have a concert than with Daddy on the patio!! Love you badges...wear them with pride, they are well earned.
    So sorry to hear Gracie isn't feeling well. Praying for quick healing for her and protection for the rest of you!
    Have a super week!!

  6. looks like an amazing week! love the no-sew badges! :)

  7. Hoping your sweet girl is feeling better soon! Love that pic of the 2 of that a picture frame they were posing with? Super cute idea! And I really like your Sat pic! Hope you have a great week.

  8. I always love your are a great photographer!!!

  9. Love your pictures - especially the girls with the picture frame - that's a really cool picture!

  10. I love a week in pictures - They all are awesome!

  11. Loved the video/song and story behind it! That's SO what my girls would do. Right now we're in love with Soul Sister by Train and we roll down the window and crank up the volume. We hope our enthusiasm is catchy! :)

    Great pics this week. Hope your girls don't get the stomach thing going around. Tara's had it and Katie might be getting it. That makes for a LONG week. :(

  12. great photos-i particularly like the cell pic! adorable! and loved the music video, too... hope lil' one is feeling better!

  13. i LOVE Friday's picture. that is SO adorable!! most definitely need to get that enlarged and hung up in the house.

    I'm lovin' those lapbooks too! can't wait to check out that link.

  14. You must be busy editig pix about now.
    Your work is stunning.
    And your girls and family fun too :)


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