Friday, April 16, 2010

Just a few Ramblings

Keeping in mind, the operative word here is 'ramblings'.  I've had quite a bit going on and have left little time to blog.  So, I must apologize in advance... bullets, mingled with improper grammar.  ;)
  • What would you have done if you made it to the gym, set up on your elliptical with the only task remaining... hit the play button on your iPod, only to realize that there were ZERO songs on your iPod!!?  {I still do NOT know how that happened} Tell me.  What would you have done??  A) Push yourself through a workout, taking a chance that you might be motivated enough by the songs being played over the loudspeaker?  B) Take that as a sign that you shouldn't workout today and simply go home.  or  C)  Go home, re-sync your iPod and drive back to the gym and continue workout.  {Keep in mind, B or C may or may not may make you appear silly to those working out around you}  I picked C.  It gave DK a good laugh.
  • Walking Jasmine at the park, I was nearing the walking trail that leads next to a skateboard-ramp area.  There were a group of young men {college age} sitting in a group.  I'm shocked they didn't point and say, "Look!  It's one of the Golden Girls!"  But I'm sure they would NOT have had a clue as to who {or is it whom?} the Golden Girls are.   As I passed, one of them started {somewhat subtly} singing a song.  Want to guess?  Never-mind... Even I would have never guessed this one.  It was Brick House!  Seriously.  I looked around to see who else was around.  Just Jasmine.  On second thought, maybe that's who he was referring to.  I mean, the dog is cut.  Seriously, I suppose I should say that I was offended, but as this girl is pushing 40, I'll take the "compliment"... I think.
  • Have you read the recent news of  Christian singer, Jennifer Knapp?  There are so many people with stones seemingly in hand.  Shouldn't we respond with love, not judgment?  She says, "I'm quite comfortable to live with parts of myself that don't make sense to you."   Although I'm not condoning a guy lifestyle, I say... good for her.  {Did you just gasp?!}  We all have a 'thorn in our side' so to speak.  Loving people who struggle with sin we don't understand can be challenging.  Maybe we forget just how much God loves sinners.  I believe Mother Teresa said it best.  "If you judge people, you have no time to love them."  So, so true.
  • 24.  Yes, I blame you for a lil' sleep deprivation.  DK and I have caught up with NCIS and since 24 is on instant watch {Netflix}, we have been sucked into the adrenaline rush that is 24.  I hope it slows down a bit for fear of heart palpitations.  It seems to be one unpredictable, heart-racing scene after another.  Every episode leaves you hanging in such a way that you must, I repeat, must start the next episode.
  • I have photo-shoots scheduled for tomorrow, but the chances of rain are hanging over my head.  For now, I'm nursing a sick Gracie.  I don't know what happened... We went on a lil' photo-shoot ourselves this morning {the weather was perfectly overcast} and the moment we got home, she started feeling the body aches.  Right now, she is snoring peacefully beside me.  Sweet baby girl.
  • Here's a teaser from our morning photo shoot.  More to come...

Sugar n' Spice... only begins to tell their story.
I love my lil' girls.


  1. Love the rambling. Posted a few of those my self lateley. Laughing about the iPod AND the Brick House! Amen to your comments about Jennifer Knapp. Amen, amen. I am still pondering a post about her, but you might have seen on my blog that I went to see her a couple of weeks ago...fully aware of the "rumors" at that time and even believing that they were likely true. I also say, "Good for her" in her honesty. Your selected quote is one of my favorites...
    Have a lovely weekend. I hope it doesn't rain.

  2. LOVE that picture of your girls! So creative!

  3. I'm with you on the Jennifer Knapp thing...

    Cute pic!

  4. The iPod: I would've worked through...too much trouble to go home and reloaded!
    Love the pictures of your girls!
    Netflix Instant Watch: I watched the 3rd season of Friday Night Lights last weekend to get ready for the new season; we also got hooked on The Tudors...we don't have showtime so now we're stuck until the new season comes out on DVD!


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