Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend Extravaganza

It happens every time the girls have an exciting event coming up. They always count down... nearly to the minute. This time, Granny was on her way! It was a welcome event as always, but especially since DK was flying to Washington & Alaska. He is missed. However... Like I said, I'm not bitter... not at all. Truthfully, I'm just thankful he made it there safely. Here are a couple of pix he took from his phone on his way. Today. On Mother's Day. Like I said, not bitter. They're pretty, huh?

Anyway, back to my weekend. ;) One of the first things we did?? Paint canvasses! I've really grown to love this craft with the girls. I enjoy seeing them create. On this day especially, I can't help but think of the goodness of God. Coming from a road of infertility, I can honestly say... I feel truly blessed. Being a mom is the hardest job, but it has to be one of the most rewarding. How can you top a paycheck of hugs & kisses?!

DK has flowers delivered. Awe. I will be looking forward to my date night!
The girls pick out some mini-red roses for Granny. They kept in mind that her favorite color is red and they loved the 'bling'. I thought this would be easier to travel with than a bouquet of flowers in a vase. Don't you?

Saturday morning, breakfast is served on the patio before we head off to our soccer game.

When we return, the girls can't wait to try out their new lil' pool. To see the girls' reaction, you would have thought it was 15 ft. instead of 15 in. I take a deep breath and think (sigh), it's the little things in life.

They played for 4 hours... Oh, if only Mom had remembered to re-apply the sunscreen. Even on Mother's Day, mom is not perfect. A girl does what she can. Lunch is also served on the patio. It was such a beautiful day. We have to nearly drag these lil' fish out of the pool.

On Sunday (Happy Mother's Day), we head to one of our favorite eating spots for a nice breakfast.
In an attempt to entertain the girls indoor (due to sunburn) during the hottest part of the day, we go to Target for some craft supplies. Gracie makes jewelry for her friends, while A-Nator colors her fairies. The girls make Mommy a picture frame. I'm such a sentimental girl.

Now, I'm all for keeping it real. So, I must say that it took a truckload of patience to continue telling them that they couldn't swim. Granny said they could get in the pool at 6:00, so you better believe that they were stalking the clock! You see what happens during a whole weekend with us??! Sorry Granny...

Just kidding. We really had a great time! I'm sure there will be tears for me to wipe when we have to see Granny's car pull from the driveway... and then I'll dry the girls'. ;)

We will miss our movie nights with you, Granny! We highly recommend watching Chrissa, an American Girl, for anyone with young girls. That was just one of the handful that we watched this weekend. There's nothing like snuggling with the little ones and sharing some kettle corn popcorn. Oh, and a Starbucks too... right, Granny? :)

I'm sure the girls will ask when we will see everyone again... and another countdown will begin!


  1. I'm glad that you had a good weekend. I love the canvas art! We are going to have to try that.

    Those are my favorite lil pools! My kids have always had such fun with them!! They were also my fav when I was little.

  2. sounds like an awesome and perfect weekend!!!

    You are so fortunate that grandparents are in driving distance!!

    Have a good week!

  3. What a nice weekend with grandma! I love my Granny so much and remember looking foward to her coming each year! when she would leave I would be grabbing her ankles at the airport and begging to go with her!

    I hope the girls recover from their sunburns!

  4. Glad ya'll had so much fun.


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