Saturday, May 15, 2010

Project 365 - Week 20

I've officially lost track of what day of the week it is.  I would be concerned, but DK is having similar symptoms.  Actually, I have his job to thank for this craziness.  Every morning DK kisses me good-bye and he's headed out the door, well before the sun comes up.  I usually get up shortly thereafter, because there is no going back to sleep.  In the evenings, we eat something quick and then... he passes out.  Exhausted.  Repeat the next day... and the next... This is our life right now.  Poor hubs needs a break. 

Today is Saturday, right?  I'm linking up with Sara for another Project 365.  You should join in!  Yes, even if you end up using a lot of cell pix.  It's better than nothing, right? ;)
I'm gonna try my best to hit some highlights here...

Happy Mother's Day!  This is a glamorous pic, I know.  I took the day off {if that's really completely possible} and refused to get out of my pajamas.  You can read more about this exciting day here.

More bird watching while we accomplished schoolwork outside.  The girls have enjoyed taking turns, filling up the feeder.  This red-winged black bird does NOT like to share.  {I'm having trouble identifying the other birds.  Anyone know of a great website for that?}

"Hey, Mom, can I do school on your phone?"  Ha!  Gotta love a good educational iPhone app. ;)

And those Band-aids?  Unfortunately, this sweet girl knows how to attract mosquitoes.  She had band-aids on her tummy, back, and legs too.  Poor baby.

I recognize that look of determination.  I believe it started when she came out of the womb started expressing her own will.   That will come in handy throughout life.  I can see that... now. ;)

The last day of our troop meetings.  The girls prepare for the end of the year ceremony.

It was a movie theater theme... more on that to come!

This cracked. me. up.  While waiting on the girls to finish up dance, I gave myself a quick mani-pedi.  Sounds very spa-like, eh?  Turns out, Jasmine not only dislikes her nail clippers, but the sound of mine makes her want to run far away!  {Frustrating thing is that she used to like getting her nails trimmed because she knew lots of belly rubs were coming.  That changed when one nail 'bothered' her during a clipping.}  Sad, but funny!!

DK keeps me updated about his work at BP.  Here's the main 'nerve' of the operation, but then... maybe I should stop posting his pix.  I mean... occasionally, he will let me know that say... the Secretary of the Interior, Secret Service agents, or the Governor are there.

To keep DK up to speed, I return the favor...

I mean... He needs to know when one of his girls has tummy troubles and Mama has to clean up a 'breathe-thru-your-mouth-only-wish-you-didn't-have-to-look' mess the size of this oil disaster.  Right?

And when a seemingly stray dog has adopted this family and Mama needs to know what to do about it??!  We kept this pup in our back yard with us for over an hour.  See the look of distress on Gracie's face when I give the news... No, we are not adopting another dog.

We had to leave for a bit and I was afraid to lock this dog in our back yard for fear that she might chew the back door.  We gave her water, but she wasn't hungry {another clue that she had been cared for}.  What would you have done? 

After knocking on doors, we left her in the front yard with some water.  Although she didn't have a collar, we thought she had to be owned by someone near us and may find her way back to her owner.  When we returned home, she was gone... and our sweet neighbor said it was his!  Her name is Sadie.  {A collar, with tags, might have been helpful!!} Oh, the guilt!  I hope he finds her soon!

A lunch date at Panera while running errands.  Just us gals.

Gracie received her new Jazz recital costume.  So cute!  And I signed them up for their summer activities.  So much fun!

It was time to take care of a lil' unpleasant chore.  Nothin' like the results of a fresh wax!  Sally's Beauty Supply ran a special, so I thought I'd try this new wax warmer.  Any gals need a tutorial done on this??! ;)

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  1. I love looking at your pictures! The girls always look happy (even when they're not feeling well) & loved. Your dog running to the backseat: so funny! Very cool that you got the picture of the bird "putting the brakes on" when getting to the birdfeeder.

  2. black birds never like to share! The other looks like a red headed woodpecker.

    the picture of your dog!!! really, that is a great shot!!!

    you do your wax yourself?!!! wow, I am not sure I friend does it for me!!! ouch!

  3. You look totally adorable holding your nose! Yes, smelly jobs seem to come with the mama job description. :/

  4. i used to work in a center that looked the telecommunications, one of the best jobs ever...the center was never closed.
    the hardest thing was keeping it manned...tough, when you only have 11 people.
    enjoyed your site.

  5. such fun pictures! the birds are beautiful! and your girls are so cute... my oldest gets eaten up by mosquitoes too... :(

  6. Such cute sweet girls!
    I'm a little intrigued on the waxing! I'd love to try it myself if I knew I wouldn't accidentally take off a whole eye brow or something! :)

  7. What a gorgeous picture of you on Mother's Day!! LOVE IT!
    I can empathize w/ Gracie and mosquitos. No one else gets bit when I'm around.
    Love her new jazz outfit.
    So impressed that you wax yourself.
    Try to get some snuggle time in this week!!
    Have a great one!


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