Monday, May 18, 2009

100 things (part I) *updated 1/11

I've noticed that many bloggers do this 100 things post when they've arrived at 100 posts. I, however, find it exhausting coming up with so many (and reading so many) at one time. If I were more organized, I would have broken it down into 1/4's. However, since I'm not... you get 50 @ my 50th post and if I can come up with more by my 100th, I'll have part II. So... here it goes.
  1. I lived in Cajun country before I married.
  2. I don't have a Cajun accent. 
  3. He keeps me laughing!
  4. We're a silly bunch.  Really.
  5. I love A-Nator's kind and gentle spirit, desire to learn and serve, and ability to make new friends.
  6. I love Gracie's keen eye to know just what she wants, her compassion for those in need, strong spirit and fashion sense.
  7. I'm a bargain shopper.  Name-brand, shame-brand.  ha.
  8. I've learned the hard way the importance of time with family, but still struggle with balancing everything.
  9. I am a much better chef, housekeeper, and gardener in my head than in real life.
  10. HGTV is one of my favorite channels.
  11. We homeschool.
  12. I've cherished getting so much time with my girls.
  13. I always thought pregnant ladies were so cute...
  14. I didn't feel so cute, but I loved being pregnant.
  15. Love relaxing on our back patio with the family.
  16. I think the best date nights are those that hubby has planned. Maybe it’s the whole being pursued thing? Honey, are you reading this?
  17. I love the smell of coffee, not the taste. 
  18. LOVE hot raspberry tea, or pomegranate green tea at home or chai tea (non-fat, 1 pump s/f hazelnut, extra hot) from Starbucks.
  19. I love browsing our local book store with my tea. The smell of new books + tea = Relaxing.
  20. I’m a former music, youth, associate, pastor’s wife… 
  21. all with the same awesome man.
  22. Resigning our church after Pastoring for 6 yrs was one of the hardest things we have done. 
  23. It took me nearly 2 yrs afterward to fully realize that getting off of that roller coaster was one of the best decisions.
  24. I'm thankful to have learned that I have an identity outside of the institution of church... and I'm more than ok with it.
  25. I have a very loud laugh when something funny catches me off-guard.
  26. I love real people.
  27. I enjoyed NY. I want the whole family to explore its surroundings.  
  28. I wouldn’t go without DK. He’s the best navigator… my personal TomTom.
  29. I love sunsets. 
  30. It’s probably the only time I really love the color orange.
  31. I sometimes wish we lived where it stayed cooler a bit longer… and with more trees.
  32. I enjoy scrapbooking, but have trouble taking the time to actually do it!
  33. I am interested in nutrition and how it affects the body. I'm overdue a good cleanse! (TMI I suppose? :)
  34. I actually enjoy exercise once I start.
  35. After our Pastoral experience, I have zero tolerance for politics in church. 
  36. I enjoy dressing up and going out. I need that since I don't dress up every day for homeschool!
  37. I love acoustic music around a campfire with friends and my favorite guitar player, DK, of course!
  38. Most of my best friends over the years have almost always been a little older than myself. 
  39. Made my senior year in high school kinda lonely. Pass a tissue please? :)
  40. I was a cheerleader in 6th grade at a private school. 
  41. We had no sports teams... at all. Go figure. "Go God!"
  42. I'm a new fan of the Gilmore Girls.
  43. I love Italian food, but the pasta and cheese give me an allergic reaction... around the waist!!
  44. Cheesecake and Chocolate = Yum.
  45. People that love to hear themselves talk exhaust me.
  46. I love the results of a good wax. Yes, it hurts.
  47. I'm not a huge fan of perfume.
  48. I'm usually quiet in social group settings, but I can cut up with you once I get to know you.
  49. I love to crank up the music and just dance silly with my girls.
  50. I appreciate music, but enjoy silence when I get the chance. It's golden in this season of life.
Wow... did you make it to the end of that?! What a true blog-friend you are!


  1. Yes I read the whole thing! Wow I learned a lot about you reading that!

    I had always wanted to ask- Why did you decide to home school your girls? How does it work (grades, tests, separating home from school)

    I have ran into a few home school moms here and I find it sooo interesting!

    thanks.. I like your blog.. A lot.. even if I am not a big Gilmore Girls fan!

  2. I made it, even in this uncomfortable chair with my I get an award ;)

    I am a much better chef, housekeeper, and gardener in my head than I am in real life too. Politics in church exhausts me and also feel just wrong. I think I have the same allergic reaction to pasta and cheese as you. And Chocolate Cheesecake is like my all time favorite dessert, but I have an allergic reaction around the waist to it as well. Great 50 for your 50th post.

  3. I love HGTV too. Most nights, that is the only decent thing on!

  4. thank you so much. i'll have to post on homeschooling one day. maybe the 'award' could be a book on homeschooling... just kidding, jenny! ha! i've watched hgtv so much that my girls even want to know which house the couple picks to buy! :D

  5. What a great list. I love that you broke the 100 things up. Maybe I would have completed the list if would have done that otherwise 100 things overwhelmed me. Have a blessed Monday!

  6. Oh, that was good! How did you come up with all of that?

    Wow! You are superwoman blogger!


  7. I made it to the end, so I guess that deems me a true blog-friend, right? I loved your list and learning more about you. I have to say, I can relate to a lot of it....hmmm, I think we are alike in some ways.

    Ok, so I can't help but ask the question that has been burning in my little mind, since I started following your blog and you don't have to answer if you don't want to. Really, I won't be offended because it's really none of my business anyway. So here goes.....just wondering what made you and your husband get out of the ministry. My email is if you would like to reply in private. Again, you really don't have to answer.....I will still be your blogger friend! :)


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