Monday, May 18, 2009

Bob kicked me

I have joined the Biggest Loser torture... um, I mean workout. I bought this DVD on Friday.
So, yes, Bob kicked me... in the rear... in 20 minutes. Did I mention it was just level 1?! Gracie did her best to stay with it too. She took the words right out of my mouth when she said, "Give me some air, Bob!"

This video below is not Bob, but it's a good demonstration of the exercise that caused the pain in my behind! Have you tried these before?! Seriously. I can do it if I flail my arms all around. I'm sure in a couple weeks, I will look as smooth as this guy jumping from leg to leg. Psh, right!

Yep, my rear hurt for 2 solid days! Walking through Target, I whispered this little fact to A-Nator. Her nurturing side kicked in, so she instinctively put her hand on my rear while I was steering the shopping cart. I told her she didn't have to do that. She said, "I just thought I'd smooth it out for you." So cute and yet so awkward all at the same time.

Gracie didn't join me in this exercise the second time, but she said, "Mom, you're really great at those. You know the best thing about it? You don't give up and quit. No, wait, the best thing is that you love me."

tissue please?

I bought these too. I'll un-wrap them soon... promise. I'll let you know how it goes and tell you if any other body parts were unfairly worked out as well. ;)

sweating raindrops

"I love you, Bob. I love you, Bob."

At least, that's what he told us to say...

And this? Well, while we were eating dinner, A-Nator cut up her carrots and put them in her salad. She normally eats them on the side. What's significant about this you ask? I see this as a window of opportunity for future additions to her salad. Yay! I tell her I'm proud of her and she tells me, "Mom, you're my inspiration." My heart melts and feels tremendous pressure all at the same moment.

Oh... Did you notice my fine china?? Don't be jealous. I'm sure Target has more.


  1. Bob and Jillian and I have a love/hate relationship! Right now I'm going the 30 Day Shred and wake up sore almost every day!

    Wow, those lunges are crazy!!

  2. I am on day 3 of the 30 day Shred....yep, I have some words for Jillian......ouch, hurts, want to quit!!! It's a good sore though....right?!

  3. See, they always paint Jillian as the tough one, but all along it has been Bob huh? Wow, see, I might have to pick up that tape now.

  4. Hey, we use those same plates!

    You take such creative pics!

    You go girl! As Double Espresso says, "work it!"

  5. The lunges look like knee busters as well as BUN busters... wow my bad knees would break! Congrats!

  6. My first reaction was Kick him back, til I started reading the post and realized what you were talking about. I love your fine china, I have the same kind.

    You are putting all of us 30x5ers to shame, I just can not watch a work out video, they are just too happy about causing me so much pain;) Good for you:)

  7. I tried mixing some carrots into a pasta and meat dish recently. Two of the kids separated the carrots, the meat, and the pasta and ate the three things one at a time. I cannot get a break:)

  8. You are awesome for getting these, and I'm jealous. Those comments from A-Nator are adorable, and you should be glad you're blogging to record them.

    You inspire A-Nator AND me.

    And thanks for being real about the china. YOu're my kind of blogger.

  9. Ok, so I just ordered the 30 Day Shred a few days ago, and I'm sort of dreading it showing up in the mail. You are so brave, getting ALL of those workout dvds! Wow! In the words of A-Nator.... you're my inspiration!


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