Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All in a days work...

I suppose it could be said that there is something borderline abusive about having your 7 yr old watch you take down her prized swing set. She would swing for hours if I would let her. It's always her favorite thing at any given park. Both girls would use the 'tree house' portion of the swing set as their own personal clubhouse for meetings, picnics, and even schoolwork.

Girls: "You're taking that down all by yourself without Daddy?"
Mama: (thinks, of course I'd rather have help, but says...) "Don't you think us gals are capable of doing things without a man?"
A-Nator: (arms raised as if cheering for a team) "Yes. Look at us! We can vote and we can tear down a swing set!"

It was only 2 yrs old when we had to tell the girls it was unsafe to use. Unfortunately, this $400 set did not have the endurance we'd hoped for... especially after hurricane winds.

So, it has set for months in our backyard... mocking me. I couldn't take it anymore. For now, it will only mock me from the corner of the yard where I hauled most of it's pieces. Maybe I could salvage some of it to make a headboard for my 7 yr old's room?

I think they were more traumatized by having to look at it all the time (and being told not to get on it) more than when it actually came down. Gracie even took out 4 screws for me.

Bob & Jillian would be proud. After I defeated this monster, I still worked out. Although, I'm sure the above project would have counted as a workout. I discovered that Jillian likes to do a lot of jumping in level 2 of this DVD.

As militant as she was, I refused to jump as much as she wanted me to. Through my chiropractor's advice, I've learned there are moderations to exercises that are equally (if not more) effective.

Besides, some of these exercises make it hard to look cute. Parts of my body move that shouldn't. I don't want Bill Cosby showing up at my house singing the Jello-O jingle. Seriously.

Has anyone else noticed that a number of moves do not follow the beat of the music in these Biggest Loser DVD's? I'm sure the music is not playing when they record it, but Kim should have tried to come a little closer.

Now, what-to-do about this blank spot in the yard. Maybe a trampoline (with a net)? I know... they are not the prettiest things to decorate with. A trampoline might grow with them better than a swing set at this point. I grew up with one and managed to stay out of the E.R. Hmmm... We shall see.

At least it no longer looks like an episode from Sanford & Son in the back yard! Well, if you don't look at the pile of lumber that's now ready to be hauled away... :)

Jazzy soaks up some rays while I'm working off my boo-tay! What's wrong with this picture? :)

I'm off to tend to my callouses and sore muscles. I have to be ready for Bob & Jillian tomorrow!


  1. We had a trampoline that the hurricane hosed over. however, trampolines are cheaper and easier to replace. We put twinkly Christmas lights on top to decorate :). The way they have everything padded and netted in, I think you would have to work hard to hurt yourself. Not like when we were kids. I remember putting a sprinkler underneath our trampoline, using dawn dish soap to make bubbles on a completely unsafe tramp. Now days, they would haul my parents before a judge I am sure.

  2. A trampoline sounds like a great idea, we have one and Bub loves it. I think my son would cry buckets of tears if we took his swing set down, that is his way of relaxing..

  3. I like the idea of the trampoline, too. You could alwyas dig a big pit and put the trampoline in it. then it would be level with the ground and you wouldn't need a net!! :)

    About my post: He uses Windows Movie Maker.

    At this point, I don't care if it is a silly video or not. It's the experience that I'm glad he is getting. He has taught himself how to edit and publish on youtube. I think that's pretty cool.


  4. Funny.. I have been thinking about a trampoline too. Let me know if and where you get a good deal on one! ;)

    BTW- I am a homeschool mom too!

  5. Jell-O Jingle! LOL! Girl, he's have a lot to sing about if he came over here while I was working out, believe you me.

    We have a super small yard, but if we had the room, a trampoline is definitely what I'd go for. Fun for everybody - you never outgrow a trampoline!


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