Friday, May 15, 2009

Could this be true love?

While my girls were eating their chocolate cupcakes, they started making little commercials for them. So... of course, I had to grab the camera. While little girls dream of their future weddings, it must be perfectly normal, at some point, to want to marry chocolate, right? Hmmm... Mama has a sweet tooth for chocolate too... especially if it's with cheesecake & strawberries (but it gives me an allergic reaction around the mid-section).

So, it's genetic... or just a woman thing.

For anyone who feared that I have fallen off the wagon, they were eating a chocolate Vita-Muffin. Kid tested, mother approved.


  1. What's wrong with marrying chocolate. I have this similar reaction every time I eat it, but I have learned to sing on the inside. This was fun, brought back memories of my kids being goofy!

  2. this was so fun! what is it with the 2nd born crazy and fun?! or was that all the chocolate?! :)

  3. Healthy, and it tastes good? that is just almost cheating!

  4. I've never heard of Vita-muffins...hmmm, I wonder if my husband would like them? He loves chocolate, but we don't have a Target where I live, so boo hoo.

    Your girls are so cute! These kinds of videos of the kids are priceless. My daughter always said, she was going to marry her cat Tiger, when she was little. I'm thinkin' chocolate would be the better choice! LOL

  5. Marrying Chocolate sounds heavenly....if only I hadn't married Josh first. Nuts! :-)


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