Monday, April 20, 2009

It's really more of a guideline anyway, right?

I am so proud of my hubby. Let me explain...

You see, I have not been an advocate of Weight Watchers before. DK and I tried it years ago for one whole month. I went to the meetings and brought the information home. H-Mama was hungry and therefore grouchy by dinner time. I ate most of my points by lunch and now I had to watch my husband scan the pantry at night because he had not consumed all of his yet. I didn't think this was fair. We're married, therefore... we are one. So, why can't I help him finish his points? Makes perfect sense, right? ;)

This program was working for him, but. not. me. I had lost my weight by simply making healthier choices before and now I felt like everything I ate was costing me too many points!

Back to my original thought. My hubby signed up for Weight Watchers online this past weekend. He always has his iPhone on him, so now he can use this handy device to look up foods at restaurants and such within seconds.

Me? Well, I'm going to give it a go too! I like the idea of doing something together. Only THIS time, I'm going to focus more on fruits & vegetables to fill up this belly o' mine (that can consume almost as much as any man I might add... embarrassing, I know). I'm from the south. I like food, but I can probably eat more veggies than most men.

I reckon the whole 'eating more fruits & veggies' was the premise of the points system anyway. DK thinks I need to add about 10 pts to my total. I may take him up on that till I get this thing figured out. There are extra flex & exercise points to draft from.

On top of that, I need to eat. I mean, when I don't eat breakfast within an hour of getting up, I can feel my sugar dropping. Borderline hypoglycemic maybe?? I have to work at keeping my sugar level, eating every few hours or I get light-headed. So, there's no danger of Mama becoming anorexic here.

Here's one of my new favorite indulgences utilizing this new point system. The Vita Muffin (or top) found in the frozen area at Target. Yum! AND only one point!

Another thing I like to use is Coconut Oil. I have been cooking with it for a while now and love it! This is the one I normally buy since I live near a Vitamin Shoppe (and they were on sale :). That, or the Garden of Life brand. Go here for more info. I love to serve up a pot of veggies sauteed with red onions and coconut oil. Yum!

If you read any articles in Mercola's site, you will see just how all-natural I try to live. I don't think I'll ever get there 100%, but I try. My girls are already learning to read labels and steer clear of words like: hydrogenated oil, any form of sugar in the first 5 ingredients, red dye 40, MSG, etc... They were not at all tearful when the bunny didn't leave candy in their Easter basket. As a matter of fact, they didn't even expect it.

A sweetener that I use to help my sweet tooth is Stevia. I haven't mastered the science of cooking with it, but it's great to add to teas, top on fruit, etc...

After saying all of that (if you're still with me), H-Mama needs some help! Does anybody have a favorite healthy, filling, yummy snack or meal idea for this new point system? I know we can look up Dotti's for going out, but what else am I missing? I was hungry ALL day until my Subway Veggie sandwich. Yum! I'm trying to even out my protein (including protein shakes), but there must be more to taming the hunger beast.
Oh... I did find this site of 100 tips. I recommend #'s 58 and 68.

Wait, what? I just need more points? I'm so glad you agree! It's really more of a 'guideline' anyway, right? ;)


  1. Oh, I'm excited to hear that you use Stevia too! My mom got me onto it, and I like it. One of my favorite snacks (I got it out of the South Beach Diet book) is to take a little ricotta cheese, mix in some liquid Stevia and just a little unsweetened cocoa powder. It's really not bad! Also, today, I bought some plain Greek yogurt, which is super high in protein and relatively low in carbs, and mixed in some stevia and fresh blackberries - yum!

    Question for you - I am trying my best to stay away from MSG products too (which is hard - it seems like it is in SO much stuff). The hardest for me to stay away from is boullion cubes, probably because I grew up cooking with them and they just taste good to me. Do you have a good substitute? I found something called Better than Boullion but I wasn't quite sure that it is completely free of all the nasty stuff.

  2. Progresso makes a line of "light" soups, you get to eat the whole can and its only one point. It seems really filling because its mostly veggies and its warm, which somehow translates into feeling more full.

    When we were doing WW, eating more veggies was the key. Some of the fruits are still pretty pricey because of the natural fruit sugars. But you can for the most part eat veg till you 'splode.

    I love stevia, but I haven't been able to bake with it because of that slightly licoricey aftertaste, I won't cook with splenda, cause I don't trust anything that "engineered".

  3. I'm sorry not to be more of a help to you. I do use Stevia too, but haven't tried the others. And, I'm like you always trying to find some tasty low-cal snack.

    Wanted to let you know I'm linking you tomorrow with the tag you gave me.

  4. Wow good for you, because I get way to confused with the whole points thing. My friends are on it and I just don't get it, I just try to eat things that are better for me and hope for the best, that is a diet right;)ahahaha:)


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