Thursday, May 14, 2009

Positive Change

In any given moment throughout the day, A-Nator will say, "If I become President....". I love her optimism and desire for positive change. I've taken the liberty of writing down a few things she's said. I'm sure there will be many more to come...

  • There will be NO lying on the internet. (She is referring to children's safety)

  • There will be no hydrogenated oil in our food.

  • Restaurants will need to serve more food... for free. The first week of every month.

  • Cigarette smoking will not be allowed. People will go against me on that, but I still want to go with it.

  • I would make Gracie the most famous dance teacher in the world.

  • Lower the price at American Girl.

  • Animals will not be put to sleep.

  • School days for public & private school kids will be shorter. It will start later and end earlier.

Now... If Mama were President, I would put my uniform on and get right to work too! There is much to do, but God has installed a multi-task device. After all, I am a wonder-woman.

No, seriously, this lil' girl has great aspirations in life. I admire her. This picture depicts her heart perfectly. While on a play date at the park, a bus unloaded a tons of kids. She saw to it that each child within her reach got off the slide safely. Here she is helping one of the kids tie their shoe.

tissue please?


  1. what a great girl you are raising there!!

    the picture is so sweet!

  2. I remember when we had our playdate what good care she took of John. That was sooo cute. I would vote for her simply based on her platform of lowering the prices at the American Girl Store.

  3. Here's a tissue. I'll take one, too. Good for you for snapping the moment.

  4. I would proudly vote for her.
    And American Girls are waaay too expensive:)

  5. I would vote for her, too! It would be so cooool to have a homeschooler in the white house!

  6. Oh, how sweet is that? Let's just pass the whole BOX of tissues around, ok? This shows that she has great compassion for others.....what an awesome pic and memory. Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Aww she would make a great president :) I am so with her on the school days.

  8. That is great you are writing those down, what a nice thing to look back on.


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