Monday, May 4, 2009

Waffles & Spaghetti

I've never read the book, Men are like Waffles, Women are like Spaghetti. I probably should. I've quoted the title so much over the years. When DK asks me what's wrong when stressed, I just tell him that I'm having a spaghetti bowl moment. I don't think I could explain the premise of the book better than this website. You will never look at those squares in your waffle or long noodles the same.

Early in our marriage, a friend of ours asked DK if I was really as simple as I came across. That's funny, huh? I can see how I might be perceived that way at times. I'm not a high-maintenance girl and I'm the type of personality that could potentially pass-out at the thought of a spot-light. I've been in the spotlight, but I don't always enjoy it.

As a matter of fact, I had the biggest 'never say never' moment of my life when I spoke for my husband while he was pastoring... on Mother's Day. Everything went great, considering I stayed standing. It had depth & humor... It was great. I've learned that preparation is key. I just had to block out the fact that a District Official was there. Actually, it wasn't a big deal to me, but others made a big 'ta-dah' out of it. Titles don't impress me... but that's not the point here. Oh, and he liked it... but still, not the point here. ;)

I'm sure you're wondering what DK's response was? He said, "Yes, simple.... Simply complicated." Nice, huh? For years I thought I was just 'complicated'. I never seemed to attain the requirements of the Proverbs 31 Woman... at least not all at once (that's the point anyway, isn't it?). That was... until I viewed myself as being made in the image of God... fully. Have you ever read Captivating by John (author of Wild at Heart) & Stasi Eldredge? It's one of my favorites. In reading this book, I understood my desire to be pursued. I realized that all of the traits I hold as a woman were there because I was made in the image of God.

What a relief! I'm not complicated. I'm just a mystery to be pursued and unveiled, just as we should pursue God. I can't help it... I take after my Father.
Oh... and DK? Well, he may not admit it, but I'm sure he is intrigued by the mystery (times 3 ;) under his roof.


  1. Sounds like I need to read both of these books.

    I feel SO complicated all the time, even to myself. But I like your take on it - we are just mysteries meant to be pursued and unveiled! Love that!

    I, like you, hate being in the spotlight. I admire you for getting up and speaking - I am not sure I could ever pull that off.

  2. I picked Captivating up yesterday and I'm looking forward to reading it.

  3. I like the waffles and spaghetti explanation.

    I am a complicated mystery I guess;)

  4. Hmmm, yeah I keep warning my husband that soon he will have two freshly pubescent girlies in our house. If he thinks I am complicated, he hasn't met a soon to be woman in the full flush of youth. Yikes!

  5. My Beau feels the same way. Heck, even the dog's a girl. Geez.

  6. Love this post, H-Mama. I loved Captivating! My copy is all marked up and highlighted and it's even a little warped because my husband dropped it in the hot tub one day, when I was sharing something from it, with him. That just makes it extra special. lol Anyway, I always highly recommend getting the journal that goes with the book because it really makes you do some deep reflecting and you learn so much about yourself.

    We had a group of ladies go through the book and journal a chapter a week and we would meet once a week, to discuss our answers to the questions in our journals and just share our favorite parts of the chapter. Oh my goodness, I can't tell you how much we laughed and cried together and it was amazing the victories that came from that book.

    My husband also took a group of men through the Wild at Heart book and journal too. My husband and I read both books, since we were leading the book study and let me tell you, we had some awesome discussions and revelations, about ourselves and our childhood. I treasure my Captivating book and journal, but I keep my journal put neatly away because I have some really personal, secret things written in it! I also loved reading the Wild at Heart book too!

    Wow, sorry for going on and on.....I just get so excited about this book! :)


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