Monday, May 4, 2009

And so it begins...

Less than 2 weeks ago, I spent hours cleaning out Gracie's room. I still wonder... How did all of this stuff get through her door to begin with? Skip to today... All of the laundry (washed, dried, folded, sorted) that I have done since then is on the floor. The messy cycle is starting... again.

I go into her room to help her sort it all out... again. We must. find. carpet. As her mother, I feel obligated to lecture on how to care for clothes... again, what her father said would happen if she chose not to care for her clothes... again, etc, etc.

Thankfully, we do have comedic relief when she pulls up a pair of pants and lets them fall. "Look, Mom, it's like on The Biggest Loser." How could I be upset with that little funny girl?

It's time for a snack (and Mom needs a break too). She was first to go down the stairs. I hear her whisper to A-Nator, "Mommy is driving me nuts."

I laugh and think... and so it begins. ;)

Of course, I had her do it again just for the two second footage. ;)


  1. I FEEL your pain!! I go through the EXACT same thing with Reilly. It drives me crazy. I spend HOURS helping her clean it up and she throws every piece of clothing she owns on the floor AGAIN. We've taken away almost everything she owns before but no long term luck. I guess I just have to stay on top of it more...but I get so weary!! Happy Cleaning!!

  2. LOL, love the video. Bub is not bad about cleaning up his room, it's that he throws everything in the closet and shuts the door. Everytime I open his closet I want to cry as stuff falls out at me.

  3. So cute and I love the part where she says, "Mommy is driving me nuts." lol I had to laugh because my daughter is going to be 20 in September and the other day, she said, "Mom, you're driving me nuts," as I was asking her, for the second time, if she had taken her medicine. Oh, it's so hard to stop mothering them, after all these years of doing it so well!!!

  4. I feel like all we do all day, all night is pick up, tidy, pick up, tidy. I was complaining about this to my mom and she said, "I never let you kids destroy the house." I was trying to remember if that was true. I think it might have been! My kids are allowed to play in any are of the house they want to but I think when I was a kid we had to keep our stuff in our room. If we were playing it was in one of the rooms or outside. We didn't drag toys into the living room like my kids do.

    It's a trade-off. I like the kids being able to play and spend time with us at the same time, but boy does it make more work!


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