Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's really more of a guideline anyway, right? (part 2)

A few of my new healthy, yummy yet low-cal foods...
  1. 1 chopped grapefruit mixed with 1/2 c. blueberries and sprinkled with stevia = 1.5 points on Weight Watchers. They say grapefruit should help with weight loss... We shall see.

  2. Chopped & sauteed veggies (asparagus, squash, red onions, peppers, etc) in coconut oil mixed with 1/2 c. of fat-free refried beans then sprinkled with fat-free Feta cheese... rolled into 1 big healthy tortilla! Yummo... and very little points.

  3. Kozy Shack Pudding Okay, this one may not be the healthiest on the list, but it's the best pudding I've found. H-Mama needs her chocolate fix too. (3 WW pts)
One of the reasons that I have not been a fan of Weight Watchers is because I lean more on the side of health and not just weight loss. I'm a compulsive label reader. I want to know exactly what I'm eating. Is it food or some chemical designed to give this food product a longer shelf life... and shorten mine in the process? I'm simply not a fan of all the Weight Watcher products... bars, shakes, ice creams, etc, etc.

Having said that, I'm taking the "bones" of Weight Watchers by paying more attention to what and how much I'm consuming and applying it to my knowledge (thus far) of health.

It's been baby steps for me, but here are other things that I apply to my everyday diet. I've listened to many tapes by Dr. Ted Broer (I bought them off of eBay years ago). Very interesting stuff there! I've gotten a little off track, but I'm finding my way back... and it feels good.

My progress on the 30x5 thus far has been good. Incorporating more fruit & veggies has really helped with my energy level... and I'm trucking along doing my time on the treadmill or power-walking with Jasmine.

Gracie took this picture. I guess we just wanted to show off her new Easter outfit. :)

Because Jasmine came from an abusive background before we adopted her, she was scared of everything. Boy, she has come a long way... with the help of some Ceasar Millan tactics. Going through the Starbucks drive thru the first couple of times, she would shake like a leaf! Now? She expects her little cup of puppy foam with each drive-thru! This is still my guilty pleasure too, so don't judge. :)

This is not the best photo quality, but it shows her love for 'puppy foam' from Starbucks! It's flying everywhere. You should have seen her face when she was done!


  1. Wow, you're doing so good on your healthy eating! If you ask me.....and you didn't, but I think it's ok to cheat, once in awhile! If I deprive myself of everything, I seem to want what I can't have, even more. I'm not sure why that is, but it's just the way I am. If I say I'm on a diet, I want food and everything I shouldn't have like crazy, but if I say I'm eating healthier, I do fine. Go figure! I am strange I tell ya. Anyway, you're doing great, so keep it up.

    Jasmine is so cute with her lickin' up her puppy foam from Starbucks! She deserves to be spoiled!

  2. That's funny. Everyone needs a little foam from Starbucks now and then.

  3. Sounds like you are doing a great job with the healthy've inspired me.


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