Thursday, April 23, 2009

Southern Girls

I have friends who live in areas where snow has reared it's head well into spring, but I'm a southern girl! It. gets. hhhot. Remember the 80's when we never spoke of an "Earth Day"? I'm convinced it has something to do with the aerosol hair spray needed to spray those trendy wings on each side of those puffy bangs. Do you remember the feather? Where were Stacy & Clinton when we needed them most?! Imagine trying to tame those hair beasts in southern, humid heat! Thank God we have moved far from those days.

In the south, it feels like we only have 2 seasons most days. Hot & not as hot. ;) Not quite, but I'm convinced we went straight to summer.

A-Nator is asking us every week when she can turn on the water sprinkler. I figure we can still have fun and not get as wet using water-guns for now. Fun! The sprinklers will be out soon for us I'm sure.

I wouldn't mess with these girls.

I wrote "I love you." This is Gracie working on "I love you too." Sweet.


  1. Ahahaha, I love the photos. It was 92 today where we are and I am so ready for our pool to be a little warmer.

  2. the kids have been campaigning to play in the water hose... I keep trying to put it off!


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