Thursday, April 23, 2009

Remembrances & Recycling

I'm guilty... guilty as charged. You see, I don't always pay attention to the small print. In this case, it was right on my calendar and I didn't notice it 'till I walked outside to find that our American flags had been placed in our front yards (as they are on every national holiday). What was today?? I knew Earth Day was coming up, but that's really not a national holiday.

I looked at my calendar on April 21st. It was Holocaust Remembrance Day. It's a time in history that I've read about and heard survivors speak of on television, but have difficulty wrapping my mind around. I pray that history would educate us... so such evils will never be repeated.

The next day was Earth Day. This marks an entire 2 years that we have been re-cycling our paper/cardboard & plastic. I'm amazed at the amount of trash we have to contribute.

*Excuse me... Let me stop to referee a fight between my girls over sharing a big pillow on their fluffy sofa while watching their big T.V.*

Where was I? Oh, yes... a life-changing event in history and saving the planet. Okay, the next step in my recycling process will be to take a few extra seconds to rinse out the metal we use (to store in the garage) until I'm running near the recycle bins at my local market. I'm saving gas that way too... another contribution.

I would love to be disciplined enough to bring my own bags to the grocery store. Mama Belle found some really cute ones. She's such a tree hugger. ;) We are all trying. At least I reuse and/or recycle them. That counts, right?

What else did we do for Earth Day you ask? Yes, the movie EARTH. It was rated "G", but that just meant there was no blood. Why, oh why did they have to put the seconds just before the blood in sllllooooowww moooootioooon?! Seriously. We are animal lovers. Don't let us get attached to the animal only to have it die. It's the circle of life. I get it. However, we paid to see a movie. They should have happy endings, right? Should I mail the therapy bill to Disney directly? Hmmm...

Maybe I should have taken a picture as A-Nator was turned around in her seat, eyes closed and ears covered. Gracie loves cheetah print. So I tried to help her make that connection to have sympathy for the hungry cheetah, but she informed me (as she's hiding her face in my neck) that she doesn't like real cheetahs.

There were many beautiful shots of our planet that I will probably never see with my own eyes. This is probably but a peek at the beauty of God. There were also some funny moments too... like the monkeys trying to walk in the water and not get their hands wet, or the bird who 'cleans'. I should consider getting a bird maybe? Nah. There's one thing for sure. A mama is a mama across the board. We protect our young.

Ok... I have a tip. It could possibly save your dryer and then I would have done my part in saving our planet for the week. Clean your lent trap. No, not only take the lent out... You must clean it with soap and water occasionally. Try running water through it. See how it puddles? Wash with soap and water and notice how the water runs righ through it! It could save the heating element in your dryer which is usually the first thing to go.

Go here for more tips on recycling and make it a great day... no matter what the small print says.


  1. Funny. Thanks for the props to the tree-hugger.

  2. Just to let you know, I've given you an award, (Woo hoo) if you'd like to come by and check it out! :)

  3. Totally missed Holocaust Remembrance Day, with Earth day and Arbor Day I got overwhelmed.. I try to bring my own bags to the grocery store, well I have them in my car, but I always forget to take them in with me..ughh, but we recycle and pick up trash on our walks.

    I guess I will not be going to see Earth, I can not watch movies where animals die in public places because I cry like a baby.

    I have heard this tip before about the dryer and you just reminded me I need to wash it again..Thanks;)


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