Saturday, March 28, 2009

Journey of the 30 x 5 commitment & Jasmine

I get up before the sun comes up this morning. Mama should have the privilege of sleepin' in on Saturday ya'll! However, the chores are calling. Literally. Jasmine is whimpering to go potty. I open the door to let her out and a cold gust of air hits me in the face. Ah! Jasmine does her business quickly and runs back inside. I begin heating water for my tea. I tell myself that it's too cold for the girls' soccer game this morning. I drink my hot tea and go back to bed! I shouldn't feel bad, right? Even the dog agreed it was too cold to be out and SHE has a fur coat. Imagine that temperature in soccer shorts!

The next thing I remember is Gracie running in the room telling DK and I that she and sister are STARVING! Really? Can they not fix their own breakfast by now? Oh, wait... Never mind. I remember the 'eggs under the oven' incident... not to mention, that sort of project needs adult supervision for fire safety reasons alone. Time to get up again. It's 10:30! Wow! What a treat to stay in bed that long.

Thankfully, the girls were relieved to not play soccer in the frigid air (such girlie girls :) even though they diligently dressed themselves in full uniform.

We make a late breakfast (Or is it lunch? I'll say 'brunch'.) and I head to the park to take Jasmine for a 3 mile walk (since committing to the 30x5 challenge). Into the 3rd mile, she looks at me as if to say, "Must you torture me?" Thankfully it warmed up a bit. We made it! :)

Oh, and I also made the decision not to bring the girls for soccer picture day today as well. I wasn't up for spending an arm and a leg x's 2. When it comes to pictures, I want them all!! So, I'll just take some myself. No biggie.

Last year, we gals wanted a 'girlie' looking dog. DK wanted something more masculine. So, Jasmine was our compromise. She's such a sweet companion. Not to be fooled though... She's a protector. We love her. She's a rescue dog. (Kleenex please?) It's believed that someone threw her over a fence at a kennel. The man who owned that business took care of her for 7 months before listing her for adoption (he already had 8 dogs at home and couldn't take her). Since living with us, she is now over her hearworms and has gained a healthy 6lbs. Yay!


  1. Wow 3 miles, you go girl. I actually forced myself to get on my treadmill even though I felt crummy. The guilt was getting to me, so I did my 30 minutes and jumped off.

    Your Dog is so adorable, I mean masculine;)

  2. I have seen Clean Sweep, the girl that hosts the show used to be on my fav soap GH:) I watch all things TLC, HGTV, Food Network, Style, etc.. I am pretty much addicted to anything that shows me how to cook and clean.

  3. 3 miles in the cold? Brrr....I'm impressed! Jasmine is so cute and I'm so glad she has a good home and family now! I taught my yellow lab Sunny, tricks too and he will play dead when shot also. One of these days, I will post a video of him on my blog, so you can see how adorable he is. We love him! Thanks for sharing your video of Jasmine with us, I enjoyed it. :)


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