Monday, February 11, 2013

simply thankful

my mantra last year, 2012, was supposed to be simplify... i heard that snicker.
i had good intentions.  really.  in motherhood, though, i think we can all agree that things get complicated.  it's a title that makes us feel as if we're running in circles, all the while hoping we are going somewhere rewarding.  which, i'm sure, we are.

let's be completely honest for a moment.  maybe you've pinned 379 projects on your pinterest board during insomnia spells, but by a realistic day's end, you're thinking that the fact that you've kept the children alive, schooled, relatively fed, and somewhat clean is quite the accomplishment, right? 

i'm right there with ya.

 photo DSC_0862copy_zps7e94c642.jpg

so, where have i been these past months?  {has it really been that long?  geesh.}  well... i've been fully engrossed in the lives of a busy hubby and 2 purdy girlies.   come day's end, my body literally hurts and the idea of putting 2 sentences together gives me a headache.  not to mention the fact that my kids are getting older and sometimes i think they might not want me talking about them on such a public forum forever, you know.

 photo DSC_0773copy_zps111f7a11.jpg

however... guess who's missed the ol' bloggy?  yep.  the girls.  {hi, girls!  mama is trying to make a come-back.  just don't pay attention to the improper grammar, mkay?}

 photo DSC_0778copy_zps58d4f672.jpg

sometimes, one needs to be reminded as to why one started a blog in the first place... without getting lured into the temptation to compare one's life with others online.  or feel obligated to market the blog for money making.  *sigh* 

i mean, honestly, how many truly genuine blogs reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly?

 photo DSC_0566copy_zps93971321-1.jpg
{this pic cracked. me. up.  obviously, hubs, nor i, held the remote for this pic.  hmmm...}

i asked my hubs how one would catch up on everything since one's last post??  he said, "you wouldn't.  just start from where you are now."  such a wise man.  nevertheless, he married a picture hoarder.  so, i might just try to go back and highlight a few memories.

however, today, i will simply post a thankful heart.

 photo DSC_0601copy70_zps43bf305b.jpg

life gets messy.  crumbs gather under the table, endless mounds of laundry stockpile, uncomfortable conversations sometimes need to be had, the kitchen table gets flooded with junk mail, feathers get ruffled, life disappoints.

 photo DSC_0763copy_zps7c6745f2.jpg

but, through it all, we have each other. 
that alone brings us joy. 
and even makes this mama thankful for the crumbs underneath the table.

 photo DSC_0664copy_zpscd1a35a7.jpg

someone i love put them there. 

so, we give these little people neck-pie.
because we love them much more than the crumbs.
then ask them to help clean up the mess. ;)

 photo DSC_0869copycopy_zpsfa91fcae.jpg

truth is, i kinda dig these people.

truth is, i started this post a month ago. 

truth is, i'm still striving for simple.
maybe the answer to simplifying is to simply find the joys in all of life's busy during the busy.

truth is, i've had many distractions this evening and now i'm too deliriously tired to proofread.  i apologize for any misspeltings.


  1. Absolutely love everything about this post--the words, the pics, the wisdom. I get too caught up in the messes and forget who made them. Sigh. Thank you for the reminder of what really is most important.

    P.S. Thanks girls, for still wanting to be written about! :) I've missed your mama.

  2. I almost stopped blogging but it was my girls who asked me not to! I catch them reading through old posts all the time. It is a truly interactive history of their young lives. So we keep going but I do check in with them all the time to see if they feel sharing their lives is becoming too personal, if they would prefer I take the blog private, or if I just stop. For now we keep going! Beautiful pictures!

  3. Love it Mama!! Real, raw, and dead on! :) You have a beautiful family!!

  4. Has it really been since Sept since you last posted??? Thank goodness for Instagram! :)

  5. I am so glad that you decided to blog again! I, for one, will read any post you write!

    I strive to be genuine and show everything on the blog...but then there are things about the girls that I know they wouldn't want me to share everything.

  6. Ha! Love this!

    My blog has been somewhat neglected too. Then I take a picture and my son says put that on your blog and wonders why I haven't done it yet, well, it makes me realize he still likes it for now and wants to see his family in pictures and captions and whatever mom is thinking at the moment (how's that for a run-on sentence!). But yeah, it's not always easy to carve out the time when you are trying to live more intentionally with the very ones you are blogging about.

  7. What a fun & lovely family! I've really missed you guys :)

  8. Those sweet girls!!! I'd seriously love to comment more, but I'm pretty sure I have no intelligent words left in this day. Gone. My fab four are zapping me, but this encouraged me! ;) Thanks!

  9. I love this post. your family is adorable! and your girls are growing up so much!

  10. I've missed your posts. Instagram? I'm there: swillisphoto. I have a new spot too: Please stay in touch. Cannot believe how much the girls have grown. Fabulous pictures. Much love. SusanD


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