Friday, May 18, 2012

may ~ week 19 {putt-putt, harry potter, mother's day}

let's get caught up, shall we?

we ended our little 2 day beach get-a-way by sneaking in a game of putt-putt before heading back home.  it's really more about the fun, not the score.  who cares if it takes 15 putts to get it in the hole.  ;)


nator says, "the fun is in the challenge."
she should write fortune cookies.
or be a counselor.

i have used this quote on myself and in parenting 
a few times since then.


we met our homeschool theater group after practice for a meal.
mama grabbed 10 minutes to herself in the car...
no one - not even the dog - to ask anything of me.
quiet.  i like quiet.

library time...
nator picks more american girl books.
she has a soft spot for addy.
gracie decided to try harry potter.
i have opinions on this, but shall refrain.
it's ignited a love of reading in her.
for that, i'm truly thankful for. 

she's allowed to watch the movie when she finishes a book.
nator watches some of it with her eyes covered.
{we're watching the second movie tonight.
just in time to celebrate hubs getting back in town.}


these days, our schoolwork consists of history, math, and reading.  we'll get back in the swing of things once some of our activities level out.  

mama needs to plant some flowers.  
mama has no motivation because there's no relaxing area to enjoy them.  furniture is falling apart, no shelter from the sun, and... did i mention a time or twenty, a newly developed gas station behind our house?  

so, the potted weeds sort of match the ambiance, yes? 
i can be hired to work my magic in your yard, too.
only the best for my friends. ;)

nator had piano preparations for her yearly 'judging' at our local collage campus.  she was to memorize 10 pieces.  


not able to move about much myself, mother's day weekend ended up quite uneventful in our home.  with our trip to the beach the weekend before, we were due some downtime, i suppose.  catching up on the dvr, reading, and sofa time.

hubs usually picks out cards from the girls for them to sign.  playfully, i asked the girls if they picked them out.  nator said, "no, but we put the love in it."  ah... the handwritten part truly goes straight to the heart of a mama.  simply, the best.

the girls delivered breakfast, cards, and a flower from my white rose bouquet.  nator says, "i can't wait 'til i'm a mother and i get to be treated like a queen."  hehe...  

hope you had a wonderful mother's day weekend, filled with sentimental in-between moments... and now currently easing back into reality.


  1. we had a good weekend. it was rainy and so we just spent some time inside watching movies and playing and reading! :) kids do put the love inside Mother's Day! :)

  2. 'can't wait til I'm a mother and can be treated like a queen.' teehee is right : )

  3. I love nator's response "we put the love in it" sweet!!!

    Still lots of busy time for you! gotta catch those alone moments when and where you can! :)

  4. i love all of nator's words of wisdom! i am going to have to remind myself "the fun is in the challenge".

    my girls LOVE all things American Girl too!

    so, are you guys thinking about moving?


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