Wednesday, May 9, 2012

april-may ~ week 18 {life's a beach}

sometimes, i get so caught up in the logistics of what needs to be done before we can leave our home - even for a few nights - that i'm tempted to think it's not worth the effort.

our schedules have been a lil' on the hectic side, especially hub's.  he doesn't get paid enough for what he contributes to his team.  there.  i said it.  i shall leave it alone now.  i'm sure that was a bloggy sin.  anyone else tire of all the unwritten rules of blogging?  anyone else maybe in need of some chocolate?

needless to say, we yearned to get away.  don't get me wrong.  we love a good stay-cation as much as the next person, but sometimes a person needs to escape the projects at every turn, begging to be finished, in order to truly relax.  our house is feeling like that about now.  things are beginning to fall apart.  dishwasher, anyone?  things need to be organized, painted, and repaired.  mama needs a new {to me} vehicle.  something dependable, while hubs is out of town, you know?  whine much?  pass the chocolate, please.

hahhhh... things are looking better already. ;)

so this week started with school.  again, i will say that i wish that i'd been educated like this.  we are continuing to breeze through the middle ages in history.  we love learning about this time period, but so much of it was flawed... and, dare i say, still quite barbaric?  eek.

april20121 april2012

relaxed learning. 
at home, or on the go.

i've been listing older curriculum to sell online to help pay for our much anticipated curriculum, sonlight.  the girls are chomping at the bits to order.  makes me happy to see them eager to receive books for school.  i plan to go through the house to see what else we can part with to raise funds.  wish me luck!

beau's favorite spot?  under my feet. 
right in front of the oven.
waiting for turkey bacon to fall from heaven?

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theater.  dance and piano lessons.  
you know, the usual.


singing do-re-me harmony with my lil' maria.
dragging my child to the gym.  she has book in hand, snack and ipod within reach.  clearly, she was suffering, while not pedaling.

post-juice veggie massacre.  best multi-vitamin evah.
long-legged jasmine.  she fits in our family, yes?
gracie singing the sound of music upside-down.

a pic of my headboard.  because my 'must-do-before-we-leave' chore-list made me feel overfatigued... and old.  it's where i collapsed.  long enough to instagram a picture, that is.

on our way out, we picked up chili's.  because mom didn't put "cook dinner" on the to-do list. oops. {note sarcasm}  but you should have seen my list! 


when younger, i was a fish.  you couldn't get me out of the water.  this trip, i only craved time spent in a good book.  gracie craved email at the end of the day.  sometimes, she makes me desire an amish lifestyle.  it could be good for her.

we packed food for our three free nights in the condo on the beach.  hubs made most of the meals. lord bless him.  why does a grilled turkey and cheese taste better when someone else cooks it?

he was also the parent that was first to go in the water with the girls.  and build sand castles.  he's pretty awesome at it.

no worries.  mom got her feet wet, too.  searching for shells is what i like to do.  gracie and i collect them.


our closest beach is normally quite murky. brown water. brown sand.  but we're thankful for it.

even if we happen to pick the time of year during the annual seaweed invasion.  it's for the health of the beach, so i guess we can't complain. 


except when a huge batch of it wraps around your leg and you think the loch ness monster is about to eat you alive.

if you stay out of the water to read a good book,
listen to the sound of the ocean, 
enjoy your kids nearby digging to china in the sand,
soaking in the salty breeze,
in the shade,
it's heaven on earth.  
or as close as we'll get to it where we live.

then, all of the work it took to get here, 
suddenly seems worth it.


until you get pinched by a crab.

{due to our science lesson, we were able to determine that this little guy was, indeed, a boy crab.  just thought you should know.}

the end.


  1. I miss the beach, the sand, the shells, even the seaweed! After our little tease of summer weather a month ago it seems to have disappeared for good. Normally our pool is open by now. I am starting to feel like I live in Seattle. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the beach! Toes in the sand. The soothing sound of waves. The fragrance of salty air. It looks like you all had a fabulous time. Have a great day. Blessings, SusanD

  3. Little Bit called it weeweed when she was little. As in "EW! EW! WEEWEED!" :)

    That picture of you laying on your stomach? I can't wait to do that.

  4. Great always, love your style!

    And I have to say, YOU WILL LOVE SONLIGHT! We are going into our 11th year with it. I recommend it to everyone! I know it is expensive, but it is so worth it for my children's education. A little tip from me...we always just figure on using some of our tax return to purchase the next years curriculum. Since it is already figured in it doesn't get spent on other things.

  5. I love your updates. They are full of great pictures and 'make-me-giggle' comments. [Actually I DON'T giggle..EVER!]

    The beach looks like heaven. We haven't been able to go in so long. I love all the pictures you take. The headboard may be my favorite. HAHA!

    So glad you got away for a nice vacation. I hope you come back totally refreshed. We just started practice for ANOTHER play. oy vey...

  6. Sounds like a lovely weekend away. And yes please on the chocolate!

  7. Lovely, lovely pictures! I'm so glad you were able to get away.

  8. Love your photos...looks like a great time away! We are planning our summer vacation right now! I am so excited and seeing your beach pics just made me more excited! What book did you read???

    1. Thanks! The Other Boleyn Girl. Almost done. ;)


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