Wednesday, May 2, 2012

april~week 16-17/366 {compliments of instagram}

i cannot begin to tell you how your recent comments {regarding this post}, messages, and emails touched my heart.  and, dare i say, swelled it to tears.  that's physically possible, right?   a teary-heart-swellin'-feel-good-feelin'.  i couldn't even bring myself to 'reply' to each one.  words escaped me.  if you will, please accept my hugs through the computer screen.  time and time again, hubs heard me say that my bloggy friends were going to make me cry... yes, you touched my heart.  deep.  thank you. 

apparently, it's been a few sunsets since i've blogged.  apparently, there have been some changes with picture collage sites.  change is sometimes hard, y'all.  apparently, i should go re-read my last post. ;)

i don't use iphoto on the ol' mac, so that limits my choices in making collages.  guess i need to break down and learn how to do this in photoshop?  excuse me while i go type "collage for dummies tutorial" in google.  this instagram feed will have to do for now...

are you ready for a quick highlight reel of two weeks??


homeschool consists of games. cooking up sentences anyone?

nator lost a molar.  tooth-fairy was late.  we've come to expect that around here.  starbucks dates with the girlies.  playing dollhouse - on the go!  beau has tongue and teeth issues.  we love him.  gluten-free waffles + nature's hollow honey + organic blackberries = nomnom.

hood-liner on your head. hood-liner on your head.  lookin' like a fool with your hood-liner on your head.  gold in your teeth.  hat on sideways... anyone know where this comes from?  i may have changed the lyrics a tad. ;)  #cheezy

nator is the chopstick princess.  she learned it from kung fu panda.  we're all about the educational shows here!

watching movies via ipod, while waiting on sis in dance lesson.  getting rained on... yes, in the car.  because, well... that's what happens when it's raining and you have your windows cracked.  long story short = we need a new mom-taxi.  hopefully, soon.

wax. ouch, but worth it.  brainstorming ideas to make the gas station in the back yard less visible. taking head-shots for about 64 kids.  attending a funeral.  12 year old deep in thought.  jasmine wondering how to continue following the sun spot on the floor when it lands on a chair... and being on furniture is a no-no.  gracie wearing her father's tie... and mom's shoes.  she sings, "the heels are alive with the sound of music..."  crack me up.


gracie giving mama an american girl questionnaire, while sis is in piano lesson.  gracie doodles on herself.  mama keeps friend's kids.  the girls call it a play-date.  we accomplish schoolwork.  the girls read their paragraph from the stairs... see her up there?  gracie's sweetness during spelling nearly had the power to grant her any wish she ever wanted.  oozing sweetness.  

mama had a pain in the neck.  no pun intended.  when day 3 came and i still had to turn my body to get the head to follow, it was chiropractor time.  therapy ensued.  the girls pretended to get treatments, too.  flattering pix, yes?

the mom-taxi has loads of character... and photo-bombers.  *giggle*  and we end these two weeks with a trip to the library.  complete with schoolhouse rock dvd.  gracie has decided they're not as cheezy as she once thought.  gracie also picks up harry potter.  i'm torn on that one... but it has sparked a renewed interest in reading.  nator sticks with american girl. ;)


history.  today, we finished chapter 27 in sotw.  the girls and i have really enjoyed a more relaxed-discussion style of learning.  relaxed is needed for such a barbaric time-period such as the dark ages.  we find the struggle for power in the middle ages between royal-blood-line-rulers quite fascinating... and heart-wrenching.

i digress.    

do you feel a lil' caught up now?  do you enjoy chiropractic therapy?  and agree that every mom should have those therapy gadgets within reach - at home?  is the tooth-fairy often late in your home, too?  are you a chop-stick wonder?  what's your favorite {everyone-should-read-it} book?  but more importantly, have you ever tried waxing? ;)  


  1. The heels are alive with the sound of music?!?!

    I love it!!

    Glad you felt the love from your last posting. It's about time you get back some of what you give. :)

    1. thanks. i know, right? that kiddo cracks me up... the humor keeps me from going completely gray. ;)

  2. I wrote a post the other day on using picasa to make photo collages. I've tried making collage in's a bit tedious. Picasa, imo, is much easier.

    Love all the photos and the catch-up!! I hope to meet you someday!

    We've been doing the laid back approach to history and I daresay we are getting more out of it! We are back to using USBorne encyclopedia and watching youtube videos and printing out pics of the people we learn about and writing about them on the pics and just generally actually really enjoying it more than the ole summaries! But we are FAR from chapter 27!

    1. i've downloaded some templates for photoshop... i'm just not savvy with 'layers', so it makes it a bit of a challenge. i need to brush up on it!

      laid back is working for us/me, too. we are not taking as much time as you are per chapter... no writing, just verbal summaries on the section of their choice. that's why we've zoomed through. we'll discuss these stories again, i know.

      thanks - i hope to meet you, too, theresa!! ;)

  3. I LOVE these posts that you do. So much crammed in! Tell me this is about a month!!! Tired much? We just finished Chapter 27 too. Now we are trying unschooling. GULP. So we shall see. I did hear Keilee just say she was doing history today. Who knows what it will be.

    I use Picasa too for collages. Although iPhone has a couple I really like. Nostalgio and Fuzel.

    Please tell me that is really you AT the chiropractor and you asked him/her to snap a picture for your blog!!????

    You and the girls always look like you are having a blast no matter what you are doing!

  4. LOVE all the pictures, a great couple of weeks!
    I think I am getting story of the world for ava for next year.
    all 4 books!
    I use iphoto and I didn't even know you could make a collage in it except when you are printing?!

  5. I'm all for the chiropractor, the tooth-fairy here has left the building permanently (I can NEVER remember), I stink at using chop sticks, I have many favorite books, but can't think of a single one (it's been a long day), I've never tried waxing, but want to, and I am completely impressed with my ability to write this run-on sentence.;)

  6. lol so much information in this post! whew!!! :) love catching up on your life!


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