Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{un}civilized classmates


our furry students are becoming quite accomplished 
in middle-aged culture, 
the mysteries of converting a percentage to a fraction, 
new vocabulary words, like 'garish', 
listening to summaries of harry potter,
american girl mysteries, 
theater script...


and manners.

does your homeschool have a furry pet?
if not, this is the part where i try to talk you into it.
i would invite you not to look at the pets,
but at the kids.
happy, happy.

ummm... did it work?
*spoken with big, brown puppy eyes*


  1. You know, don't you, that you're the main reason we have Abby now? And I'm so grateful for that little fact! : ) We can't imagine our house without her now!

  2. Yes we have a furry pet. And he is always around when we are learning. But he doesn't learn much...he can't even remember to not dig up my flowers! Seriously, he is a member of our family and I can't imagine life without him.

  3. We LOVE our pets :)

    Thanks for this little PSA for pets ;)

    We were considering a puppy...but right now we are planning a vacation, when we get back, then we may just adopt another little bundle of fur :) I am contacting breeders about future litters...I can't wait for that puppy breath...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE puppy breath!

  4. we do not have a furry pet right now. just some wet, slippery fish. who don't listen to anything. lol :)


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